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I am new, but I am a writer non the less. As said by my name, I am a Brony.(Please don't hate). And even though I was never good at writing stories as a 'young author' as teachers had put it, I have found a new calling in writing. During school I had written a book, that I was inspired by an online friend, whose name and such will not be given. I decided to write about his name, after months of writing, i had a start of a good book, as my friends told me, that my detail was descriptive. (sometimes too descriptive). Non-the-less, I hope to create stories for everyone visiting my profile on fanfiction.net, all reviews will be taken into an account. But I know that pleasing everyone is impossible, I will still try my best.

As I am 17, I was sceptical of most things, and it seemed to me that I come from the peak of a hill, only to forced to go downhill. My life became a joke in my eyes, I kept thinking, "Is this my life? Is this what I want to be known for? Is this really my destiny?" And even now I think of this, but it was only a while ago that I remembered the series for MLP, curious about it I went to their wiki site, and found what was surprizing. That instead not only young girls, but also in the process got multiple reviews from teens and adults. This surprised me, I soon became hooked on it, though I kept to myself, not wanting the judgment from others and my family, I would hide away, just to watch the shows. After I had finished them, (and with season 3 not coming out till later), I wanted more. And then, I found fanfiction.net. I couldn't believe how many stories people had made for the show. I found a writer, who lured me in, the author is (I hope he doesn't mind that I do this,) Frostbreaker. I had found his stories the best, and made efforts in keeping it within a safe reading level. He didn't do fantasies as some others would. And this I thank him for.

But for more about me, I must keep myself a secret. I am afraid to be judged, some may think that its alright and true friends will stay with you. But in this town that I live in, even something small can lead to be a big deal. And my friends, are not real friends, I am a fake around them, I am not who I should be, but after doing this for so long, I don't even know who I really am. So I will be the quiet one, who hides in the corner, who speaks only when spoken to, who doesn't do good, but doesn't do bad either. I will make only that small impression, that soon goes away. I will not be remembered as who I am, or what I do. But at least here, my voice is heard, my life can be different, I can be that person that makes people happy, make them smile, make them laugh. This is my new life. I will lead it my way, and no one elses.

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