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I'm a 30-something wannabe novelist, editor and ghost-writer living vaguely near London with a real thing for the surreal world of Grimm, and with a tendency to vaguely daydream about Nick wearing not-a-great-deal (although I try to repress this impure kind of thinking).

My angle is the lighter side of Grimm: not to say that no-one ever gets whumped (because boy, do they ever!) but I'm more in it for the fun and surreal humour, the companionship, and the bromance than the angst.

I can promise that I fully intend to finish my two stories, A Life Less Grimm and The Blutbau Cometh. I've moved home twice in the last year and had a lot of internet issues for about six months (as well as health issues). I haven't forgotten these stories. I will be back (soon!) to finish them and to get back into reviewing other people's work as well across a number of fandoms. I've missed this place!!

In case you're interested, alongside the Grimm fanfic, I've been trying to write a novel. It's being uploaded to the twin site fiction press by the chapter. That, too, stalled for a while but I'm working on the update. Would love to hear from you if you have read some and enjoyed it.


and finally... I have one published short story out there! And there's another couple to come over the next couple of months.

You know what ffnet's like about posting links, so I'll just say that you can find the story "Single-Syllable Steve" (pen name Sam Thorne) on Amazon US/UK, Kobo, nook, B&N, and a whole bunch of other outlets (including the eXcessica [dot] com publishing home page. Beware - it is an ADULT short story, but pretty vanilla. Kinda like Catherine Alliott/Jill Mansell with the bedroom door left open ;)

Anyway, I promise... I WILL be back...

Tig xxx

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