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Important updatesince I originally updated profile
literally within a few days of it almost to the full two-year anniversary
of my father passing in almost the same room in the same spot
my mother collapsed and passed on

I've now lost both parents, due to the fact we all were living
together and I was helping care for them. Much of my future is now uncertain among other things
which ironically a few days ago before this we just talking about this very possibility

Due to this all projects and writings are on hold
or hiatus

I have no idea when I'll get back to any of this by this I mean writing and posting stories here
after my dad went I was trying to busted through everything I had in the works and get it posted
hoping to get done in his memory. He was a major inspiration for my writing.
it didn't work out, too much life going on.

This might be the end

We shall see

Nationality Canadian

education is a few years of college

Interests in various forms of anime and gaming

Critical weakness: spelling, endless proofreading

Currently one stories I have finished 19 chapters 0 posted and I've been reediting it
proofreading editing and then waiting and then repeating for 4 1/2 years and counting
I also believe that once something is posted it is done, unless massive critical failures
can be seen with the story. I do not rewrite. There has to be a finish line
the has to be a final product

Area needing assistance proofreading and pushing to get stuff posted sooner than later

Personal goal on this site the tell good stories around the digital Fire that will amuse people
will getting from draft to published within a reasonable period

Central belief dealing with stories here that are all here telling stories about digital
campfire to amuse ourselves and others. I have no interest in being a grammar police
getting up in someone's grill because they forgot the punctuation here at their. I truly
believe stories you should be judged on their merits characterization story setting
presentation. I gladly and willingly overlook it is not 100% polished if the rest is
outstanding. You must truly meet Godzilla -sized holes in grammar or spelling etc.
before I call you on it

To me originally he originally was an appetite for additional stories
from the high schools are dead, Kim possible and Danny Phantom.
I'm also willing to dabble other groups like Harry Potter, life is strange
etc. one of my particular favorites is crossovers or strangers in a strange land
type stories.

My major dislikes of stories is bashing, OOC, OC pairings
and lousy crossovers

Especially Sam bashers in Danny Phantom stories, or Rai in high school the dead

Philosophy of stories especially of crossovers they believe it should be an equal mix
not just say for example Danny Phantom dropped off in game of thrones by himself
and everyone else from Phantom universe is never heard from again.

Personal pet peeve
under advertising of concepts people not using AU, FF, what if etc.
for those who don't know AU stands for alternative universe, FF is for future
what if is just that what if this happened is that of that. Also people not
mentioning how much of common is involved

Writers practices I dislike, forcing their common pairing
and unwilling to accept dissenting opinions. Usually this is demonstrated how the writers
talk to others. One writer told me once again except his particular vision that you stop
reading his story. Part of particular writing sharing your vision realizing
sometimes so I see that will be gradually different than yours. But some get such an ego
or artist mentality that are not there cheerleader is you get the hell out

Attorney pairings in common I have nothing against that
I've only really seen to pairings I dislike for reasons

Pairings I dislike
Ron stoppable and Kim possible
I just believe they're ill fit for each other Ron's too much from manchild and is using his
friendship Kim and her low expectations to have relationship easy mode. Kim I feel isn't
expressing herself and literally phoning it in. Bottom line anyone else within the same
type of dating they had to kick the other partner to the curb

Danny Phantom and Amber

There is to reside dislike this one, first doing with people that support this have had
negative experiences with. Especially in my experience most them seem to be open Sam bashers
the stories too easily in my opinion go off into the tangent of ripping Sam a new one the
force of their own issues and writing a good story
other reason I was sold a while back on Amber with someone else it just seems like a better
fit to me

I'm not saying you have to agree with me but these are my reasons

As for pairings I like

Danny Phantom pairings

Jazz and Amber
Valerie and star
Valerie and Danielle
Sam and Valerie
Danny and jazz
Sam Valerie Danny

Parent and child
Sam or Valerie with Danielle

Danielle and Iris best

Kim possible

Ron and Yuri
Tara and Yuri
hell Yuri with everybody
that goes for shego well
Wade and Jocelyn

High school the dead
rai and Sycho (the sword girl, I never get her name right on the fly spelling it)

Web comics

Ash and Emily
Ash, Emily and Misty

Emily and Misty sisters with Emily dating ash

Ashley with well everyone (alternate reality ash)

Current projects working on

Seven years of Valerie
status complete currently re-ideas the chapter size to be posted

Danny Phantom last of us
several chapters have been edited working on to be posted chapter 8 through 13
14 through 19 are currently editing. The last chapter is roughly in draft mode

Victoria hero mode
several additional chapters in editing mode, I believe the last count is up to chapter 14

Unlikely allies life is strange story
currently editing all the chapters, while finishing writing the ending

Star freefall Danny Phantom class standard story
currently writing chapter 1 and 19, finishing flashback chapters 2 to 18.
Trying to rediscover notes on who the big bad is. Status stalled

XCOM remnants alliance XCOM 2 and Ruby crossover
volume 1 complete, volume 2 currently being edited outline volume 3 and four being worked on
intensive editing and reorganization required.

Shego apprentice (adopted Kim possible story, where Shrgo time travels back to help raise Kim
be more like her)
status broken
currently lost all research notes and all files are in disarray. Totally overestimated
what was involved. Hope to recover have recovered initial chapters

Special interest and future projects
projects I'm working on hope to post in future

Phantom twist (a gender bent Danny Phantom, Danny's is a girl has always been one and how the others deal
status researching, trying to figure out the different character upgrades and how to write Tucker
original plan to finish the first couple chapters introducing all the characters including the
female Vlad. Plan was to posted have dozen ongoing story obviously AU FF storyline

Sunny and ivy school days
a future Danny Phantom and Batman universe crossover, or heartbroken 17-year-old Samantha
leaves Amity Park with her daughter Danielle to start a new life to continue her schooling at Gotham Academy
where she meets her corky roommate 17-year-old Priscilla IVy formally poison ivy
the to with their other roommates in the independent living program go for many adventures
pairing Sam and poison ivy slowburn.

Status on hiatus
got the idea for challenge one another writer, and a coping mechanism after particular
hospital visit a few years back my father, wrote most of the initial chapters after
coming back at 430 in the morning. Personally I wish to continue this

Sunny and ivy from the ground up
similar background school days just Sam and ivy of both adults. After mysterious plant attack
on some white suited armored individuals who apparently tacking a child. All mitigations lead
to the Goff from botanical gardens and its mysterious new owner. Sam and poison ivy
fast burn romantic.

Status need to be written, have several pages of outlines and notes just a to be put together

Future projects ideas (hopefully we'll get to or will willingly share of anyone that wants
to run with her right with)

Ghouls and ghosts
alternative world of Danny Phantom also the mystical creatures exist from dragons of vampires
Sam's a succubus, jazzes a dragon, stars a Camille Fox, Paulina status is unknown,
Valerie's enchantress. Danielle's a succubus ghost hybrid, Iris is an energy banshee

Several stories proposed and notes covering your different adventures

Tucker the glorious stud
jealous of Sam and Danny's relationship Tucker tried to blackmail Sam, yeah she helps him
by getting a date some of her mystical creature friends. Unfortunately due to Sam's reputation
and different in cultural attitudes that she towards their idea of sex. Tucker manages to
hook up and succeed with his date. Unfortunately this leads to many of Sam's acquaintances
wanting Tucker's companionship

Sam's challenge
Sam's life is spinning out of control just to deal with her strange former best friend Valerie
her awakening coming early, mystical creature puberty a.k.a. possibly deadly, her and Danny possibly
came together, her mother getting up in her face for some reason Danielle's running around

Danielle's heritage
Daniel tries to deal for new family, parents Sam mother Danny father, her overly affectionate and
well and down best friend, while learning about her family history and having her own
awakening happened much too early. Plus conflicted feelings is Valerie and crazy loop hanging around

the Codex
the tell-all and be all this school creatures everything you need to know what the awakening is
two how the culture works, and Danielle has it courtesy of her favorite aunt jazz.
To make matters worse Danielle's assisting the book gets read to her as a bedtime story by her
overwhelmed father. To Danny's horror the book has mind of its own what topic should be covered
and Danny's compliance.

Meant to be a knowledge dump for the hundreds of ideas and topics covered the ghouls and ghosts

life is strange the division
using the framework of the story of the division online game, a massive crossover the character
life is strange Danny Phantom Ruby and Kim possible,

Currently written the agent introductions not much else

Kim possible three years on
my first attempt at writing Kim and shego was a romantic couple, after Kim gets outed to her parents
beginning of high school is forcefully kicked out of her house, while her friend/girlfriend Tara
get sent away to a camp. A few years later Kim is found and brought back to the world by her
former arch nemesis turned love interest shego.

Wrote several pages and ideas years ago and never got back to what

Kim possible meets the Phantom

Legendary crossover between Kim possible Danny Phantom where graduation
and Phantom planet both happened. In the aftermath of both events summer that followed
a series of events inclusions and anger leads these two factions into a world changing
event can be the very fate of the planet in their hands

Status not a clue
Phantom wrote a chapter for a very long time, eventually got it on paper have lost all motivation
and most of the notes

Harry Potter on remnant
after the goblet of fire and the prisoner of Azkaban, Harry and allies make several discussed
about Harry's other aunt one summer rose that Harry has possibly to sisters/cousins
God the was magic world family trees are weird. Harry goes to remnant,
idea had several good and bad things happening to various characters,
planned character death and torture,

Phantom grill
a one-shot Sosebee in time for 4 of July/Canada Day slices life is Danny's his friends
run a food booth selling ribs and coleslaw glow the characters discuss the various relationships
college-bound jazz and Amber, the ambiguous Valerie she tries to get a mother and daughter three way
going with Sam and Danielle. The oblivious young overly endowed Danielle. Exhibitionist ninja
lesbian star. And Danny have any deal of all of them.

Prisoner x
I'm whiplash to Phantom idea older Danielle finding out in the mysterious prisoner x and
walkers prison that leads to a revelation about her past, I would actually happened to
her mother Samantha

Danny Phantom purge day stories
a series of what if stories if the purge happened in the universe of Danny Phantom focusing
on other characters, like Tucker jazz Valerie etc. the framing devices clockwork is telling a
story to her younger ghost girl after she shown up in his place having a fight with her mom
it's unclear if this is Danielle in the mother is Sam in this case was it's Danielle's daughter
at having a fight with her. The stories of vaguely inappropriate due to contents of sex
and violence etc. all assuming clockwork have some kind of lesson here

So far the ideas are, chapter 1 and two would be about Valerie, chapter 3 and four
that is drafts somewhere focus around star, and five books of all people Dash

I usually get the urge to work on this around Halloween, they seem to forget about it
the rest of the time

Danielle relaunch teen Titans
a one-shot relaunching first episode of the classic teen Titans not go, dimensional displaced
aged up Danielle going from being approximately 11 to 12 to be around 15 to 16 and
obviously physically mature meeting up with unidimensional reference she reason for the join
a would be group of heroes is a rescue a crashed alien Princess by the name of star fire

Premise to lead into the teen Titans series with Danielle as a member, Danielle of their will
eventually have a relationship with well. Will date and be physical with star fire, Jinks
Tara, batgirl eventually end up with Raven. Also Tara and Jinks as partners and friends
Titans from the beginning. Jinks will date kid flash after falling out obliquely
be with Danielle and then end up with Jinks. Evil jerks Robin

Working on idea hope to get a post and someone else will adopted and run with the idea
or we can cowrite it I don't know

Kim possible's game night
set in the shego apprentice universe after Kim and company get caught in a lie, Kim Bonnie
and Tara quickly set up a game night with their friend Ziva and Felix. Surprisingly
Monique the one like to is all in favor of joining the game night. They various adventures as a
try to play the game and drive Felix insane with Dana render one flirting. As annoying jerks
Ron tries to interrupt three's Company style. Take Benny Hill cross of Scooby Doo logic.
Later on Yuri will join and the obviously into Tara. Later the older shego will also join

Reason for not writing it, I have no clue how do comedy, do have several notes
on background

Famous OCs i.e. characters I use a lot of stories

attractive female delivery girl
mystically enhanced only those of high perception will know she actually has Fox ears and tail

Dress is usually quite flirtatious to increase her tip, can get anything anywhere
it seems to understand what's going on always

Faith night

A former child model and actress

Currently hiding with her and complete schooling, the reason being the painful
blood the custody dispute between her parents and how they want to advance her career
softcore porn versus hard-core porn and the fact that the Millie should've made so
far currently missing in action

Attend school usually in a baggie or the and pants. She is Neely successfully hidden
the fact that she's gorgeous. Ever disguises removed shall be automatically recognized
and automatically knows for how attractive she is. It's quite common for people to
describe her massive talent, it would not sure the talking about acting and singing abilities
or her chest

Other than the hiding in plain sight, faith is quite open about her attractions and
joining adventure. She also is quite clear that she's openly bisexual

Agent O'Hare

6 foot three attractive blonde, appears more like a beauty queen that a federal agent
you she wears tight dress blouse and skirt.

Occupation federal agent/homeland security agent

Specialization marksman/sniper forensics

Sexuality recently opened bisexual, dates regularly and frequently

Significant other agent Andrea, there's a both single of 30 to marry each other
recent events make her want to do this sooner than later

Story usage: usually playing the competent federal agent and possible relative to
sort of character usually Sam Danny Phantom pain

agent Andrea

slender 5 foot nine, purple waist length hair agent with magenta eyes. Her outfit you Short
muscle shirt and dark dress pants and combat boots.
The outfit definitely showed off her curves made her look more like a beauty model
and her muscles. The whole look screams beautiful tomboy. Has one younger sister

Occupation FBI agent /homeland security agent

Specialists and hand-to-hand and undercover

Sexuality straight except (O'Hare, unknowingly in love with)

Was a principal in the incident, has level III meta-human abilities of trained healing
and reflexes, permanently has purple hair because of it.

Significant other her partner O'Hare, currently promised that the mayor each other to
still single one of 30

Story usage: usually playing the competent federal agent and possible relative to
sort of character usually Sam Danny Phantom pain


Danielle phantoms unofficial best friend

A skinny girl with long blonde hair silver eyes that specializes having bundles of energy
dissolves is massive as her cleavage. Standard clothing seems to vary from she knows
exactly what you looks like the clueless

Item of importance: her dimensional messenger bag, increase size capacity compared to
actual size.

Significant other Danielle seemed to double his her moral compass
her interest in Danielle usually varies from best friend sisterly to one-sided romantic crush
her feelings how she feels given in any story is with Danielle and up doing

Powers usually vary from story to story, usually breakdown the her being some form
of energy which elemental which or parcel alien energy being

Almost every story Iris is always more experienced in the world and Danielle
even though they always appear around the same age. Iris also always appears to be
overly mature physically regardless of what age she is in the story
compared to other girls in the same age range

Story usage, almost any story I have Danielle in

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