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Why am I rewriting PMD- Uprising Legends: Destiny Awaits: The answer is simple. Because I couldn't leave it alone. The moment I first wrote it, I knew I wasn't the best of writers, but I still dared because I wanted to see if anyone else liked it as well. Now that I'm far better than what I was - still not a professional writer - I want to make it into that amazing story I envisioned.

Sleeping In - Oneshot: I like this a lot, because it's so different from anything I attempted. To just get the [family] feel down and get the characters as close to in the show, and make every little scene as exciting to read. I got a newfound respect for other oneshots that make their short stories as special as possible.

The Beginning: Where It All Starts: I will admit, I was in a phase when I wrote this. I guess it happens after watching MLP consecutively for days on end. This was my second story ever, and you can tell I needed a lot of improvements. I will most likely never continue this, even for a rewrite, and that's because I have other stories to focus on.

The Wings of an Angel and a Demon: This...has such an unexpected success. When I wrote this, I just decided to have some fun with the superantural world of DxD, and mix it with the unique Monsters of Undertale. First chapter was a struggle to write, but that's because it included so many different elements together and pray it all worked, and it did. This is going to be a wild ride, from the fights and how the Undertale Monsters just screw up the natural order of the supernatural world.

Butterfly Divergence: This will be fun. The entire premise is not something I thought I would write, but that's what makes it so fun. I do have some ideas to make things sweet, but that will be after Marco's breakdown. Already, those SVTFoE fans, this will be a MarcoxEclipsa story. A time travel fic in which a corrupted MHC sends Marco back in time so he becomes the suitor for Eclipsa. This story actually came from CarouselUnique from Deviantart. Here's the link:


Butterfly Legacies: Another SVTFoE story, and yes, also MarcoxEclipsa. This will be a challenge. A big challenge because it will involve two perpsectives in Earth and on Mewni. War on Mewni and how Eclipsa progresses on Earth. There will be multiple perspectives which just adds to how difficult it will be for me, as I'm not the most experienced writer, but that just makes me want to write it even more. Whether I succeed or fail, this will be a learning experience.

Recommended Stories: Question to myself: when will I finish the rest?

Pokemon: Religious Conflicts- Who says that conflict doesn't exist between religions? TheGlaceonFanatic made things sure interesting by giving the readers, the perspective of pokemon that may have wandered in by accident, but it's not all about religion, other threats come up from other pokemon that seek a goal of their own.

The Hill of Swords - This story is one of the first crossovers (Familiar of Zero/Fate-Stay Night) I ever read in fanfiction. It's over 330K, but well worth it. Sure, it follows the storyline of the anime from Familiar of Zero, but it adds more to it. It's almost version 2.0 of the anime, of what it should've been; that's not mentioning the fights, especially at the end. It has bigger feels than the original anime, more suspense, real political conflicts and more hilarious moments than the anime could hope to achieve.

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Ivory The Sacred Relics- Such a neat beginning, nothing but simple problems. The plot just thickens as the chapters continue, leading to secrets, past, love, funny conversations between characters. Lets not forget about an evil, cynnical, cold and sometimes cheerful, powerful, legendary pokemon that tries to use ancient power to take over...the world I think (I don't think the reason of obtaining so much power has been revealed). Just normal problems to everyday pokemon :D

An Origin Story- What bad things can I say about this fanfic? Well, the answer is none. One of the best M rated pokemon fanfics that I read so far. There are hilarious moments that will make you fall to the floor while laughing your eyes out. Dont forget about dangerous scenes and the situations of life and death depends on decisions taken. This story includes some moments of...weeell, *clears throat* hard to explain's better you guys see it for yourself.

Adventure Time: The Awakening of Heroes!- This story starts...simple and sweet in the beginning, but it becomes more than interesting after the first chapter. Every single chapter is full of excitement and with more than one occasional moment of comedy which happens in good times. Not to forget theamazing plot that captivates every single reader instantly. This story is probably the best Adventure Time Fanfic I have ever read (no sarcasm included).

PMD2: Explorers of Fate- Has anyone ever enjoyed PMD: explorers of time and darkness? This fanfic is just another one in its honor, but with its own changes and not a complete replica of it. It's added with extra trouble, and twists of its own every now and then.

PMD: Adventurers of Dawn and Dusk- I will admit that there are a few small chapters in here, but even I am surprised of everything that happened in few words, but no worries, it's definitely not rushed. I checked myself. In my opinion, this is just one of those stories that deserve a bit more of admiration than what it gets.

Band of Brothers: What can I say about this story without practically ruining the whole plot? A lot, considering there are only seven chapters out, but within its surprisingly giant content, it is pretty good, far than just pretty good actually. It starts out how Swords Arts Online should have been. Not rushed, but definitely not at a slow pace where the readers would find themselves bored. It progresses how the characters need it to progress. I am referring that the story introduces each character so naturally that I found myself learning about them in a friendly pace. As well as learning about their tendencies and faults, and likes and their dislikes, as well as the reasons for their actions and reactions.

A Third Journey - This is a very sweet, and family environment fire emblem awakening fanfic. Is it good? Most definitely. Does it have a decent writer? Without the shred of a doubt! Is its lemon sections good? That is actually debatable, but it certainly didn't lack, let me tell you that. Personally (and please, this is just my opinion), I don't like it much. Why though? Because it is romance and family (last time I checked). Seriously, don't get me wrong. It has a very interesting plot story, the characters act like in the fire emblem games (that is a fact). Plus, the writer has an original idea that will take this story somewhere many will not except. How do I know this, let's just call it intuition and let's leave it at that.

What are the factors that make a good story?

First it would be having a natural character development. Readers want to see characters act a bit different from time to time, but only when the circumstance involves that character experiencing something that gets to them emotionally.

fluent writing: No writer has to be a profesional to write something, but realizing when sentences are overworded or are fragments is fundamental for readers to have an easier time understanding the actions in the story. This is a skill that is developed over time, and each person learns this eventually.

Try to be spontaneous. If the story becomes too predictable, the readers will eventually get bored. That doesn't mean to include something random occuring every five paragraphs or so, but it means to include ideas that no one has thought before. It is not to crack your head open for a five star chapter, but to make it play out how the characters in the story would play out for themselves. What I mean is, don't make them act how they shouldn't, but have them act how they naturally would. It adds to the realism of the story

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