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Hello FanFiction community. I have been reading for years but only just got up the nerve to post.

I am a reader, I read several books a week on top of any stories here on this site. I have a soft spot for romance novels and love a happy ending. I am also big on fantasy and crime novels. My favorite authors are Nora Roberts/JD Robb, Kristin Ashley, James Rollins, David Eddings, Terry Goodkind, I could go on for hours. I am also a big fan of JK Rowling.

In terms a movies, basically anything goes for me, okay, there are certain comedy movies I just don't find funny, sorry Hangover but I just don't like you.

I am female, out of school and over worked. If I have an ongoing story it may take me time to post updates, however if I post something I will finish it because I hate when a story I am into ends up abandoned or on long term hiatus.

I am not a person who leaves a lot of reviews and when I do they are almost always for stories that blow me away. I don't like leaving criticism because in general I don't like upsetting people. That said, I want to know what you think, I just ask that people are respectful and if you don't like what I have written then be constructive.

It has been several years since I have done any serious writing so I am a little rusty. I took a few writing courses in school but my focus was math and science because I have never had the self esteem to focus on something as personal as writing, I get too bogged down by what others might think. Writing here is great because no one actually knows my name. If you hate it I don't have to look at your face and see the disappointment. I like to write and my very active internal life helps with that. This is a release for me and a way to explore the what ifs that I have been thinking about since I read the books.

6/29/17 I am still here. Sorry ladies and gentlemen, due to family issues, long story, and stress at work, I took a bit of a break. I am back and will be updating and editing starting now. Both of my current stories are closing in on the finally, at least in my head, so fear not.

7/4/18 So I guess I lied last year. I did intend to update regularly but life likes to change plans. Work currently hates me so I have more trips to my inner world of imagination so I have ideas again. I have updated both stories, and have another chapter written and waiting for editing right now. Hopefully this trend will continue.

1/6/2020 My New Year's resolution is to finish at least ADP. I would love to say I will get both finished but at the very least I plan to update both.

5/20/2020 So slight change to the plan. It looks like I will be finishing Acceptance first. I have most of the final few chapters written, I just have to write a bit to get to that point and then perhaps and epilogue. I still want to try to finish ADP this year too.

My Stories:

A slight warning - I have a gift for creating villains; they are easier for me than protagonists. I have been told this before and I can get descriptive. For some, that might be a bit much.

A Different Professor - is now in fourth year and the tournament have begun. My tasks are all planned out. We shall see how it all pans out.

Acceptance - Is now finished!!!! It's not perfect but I think it turned out pretty good.

A Difference of Opinion - is a one shot. I don't want to do another fourth year story right now and I like the open possibility that leaving the story as is gives.

Meeting the Marauder's Map - Is finished and will remain a one shot. I think it would lose something if I expanded.

Long Overdue - Planned as a one shot but I may do one more chapter, let's face it, Harry being at Dudley's wedding would be hilarious so I may just write that eventually.

Chance Encounter - I want to expand this but I can't decide what direction to take. There are two main paths this could take in my head and I just can't decide which path to take

Potential Future stories:

What would happen if Harry was found guilty during his trial before fifth year? Who could he trust?

Had an idea about before Hogwarts. If Vernon died (due to his horrible diet/heart attack) how would that effect her relationship with Harry? It's Harry, so he would try to help right?

I started a Slytherin Harry story a few years ago that I may return to, depending on what my brain wants to do with it. This needs a rewrite, my writing has changed since I started it.

I also wrote about 20 pages of a story that diverges right after the Goblet of fire chooses the champions. It needs a bit of a rewrite but has potential.

A Black family story - periodically, I work on this story. It starts with Regulus Black and what would happen if he survived going after the locket.

A Note on Ron Weasley - I know he is a much beloved character in Harry Potter but I have never been overly fond of him. As my cousin can attest, I have always found Ron and his personality highly annoying. I was an overly serious child, and was entirely focused in school. I did not have a lot of time for goofing off. When not at school I was a rehearsals or doing homework. Ron is not someone I would ever be able to get along with. To back that up, I looked at a silly article about your Harry Potter 'enemy' based on your personality type - my enemy was Ron. It was hilarious and vindicating. This is why I tend to write him out of my stories or make him show up on random occasions. I don't wish to insult anyone by painting him in a poor light (without reason) so I would rather he just fade into the background.


Do people really think that saying "if you pair so and so I will stop reading" is going to change the direction of the story?

I know I have lost readers due to my pairing Harry and Hermione, I'm sorry my vision of his love life offends you but that is always how I see it going in ADP. I don't have pairings worked out for anyone else so I don't know what is going to happen with Sirius, Bill, the twins or anyone else. Some things are necessary, some things I just can't write well so I don't go there, and other things are so far out there that I haven't even considered them.

I am aware there are people who don't like certain pairings, I don't see certain beings falling in the same sex category but I will read it if its well written. Nor do I read Ron/Hermione stories, that I just can't stomach. I am not a fan of Harry/Ginny but if I like a story that turns into that I don't just stop reading it. I will never write a Harry/Ginny story. I don't have the ability or passion in me to make Ginny work for the Harry in my head. I just don't see it.

A note to readers: Please be kind. There are a number of writers who feel attacked by reviewers - most of these don't have the strength of conviction to sign in to be cruel. Often times a writer will give you an idea of what they want to explore in their profiles or in story author's notes. Watch for hints in the actual work and pay attention to the ratings. No fanfiction.net technically does not allow explicit but there are so many writers who put in truly explicit things anyway. I read a piece that had a very mild sex scene in it and reviewers amounted it to porn, the pairing was not unexpected and the writer clearly states they like to explore all kinds of relationships on their profile page. I personally didn't see it as such because of how little was actually described. Because of the reactions and threats the writer seriously considered leaving this site for good. They are instead posting the full version on another site and putting an edited version here. We are lucky that so many begged the writer not to leave. It is a fact of life that sex is not thought of as strictly in the bedroom anymore, it is everywhere. I don't write it but when I see an M rating I know I may read it. If it makes you uncomfortable to read, that is entirely your right, all I ask is that you pay attention and be kind.

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