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MaursMill1 PM
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Hey, thank u for checking me out lol :-) Ok if u've read my stories u can see that i have an obsession with Suits, especially Harvey and Donna!!! My fave couple in a loooong time since Tony and Ziva of NCIS...imma write about them soon :-) ...if u can, check out my videos on youtube...i'm hoping to do more soon!

Ok, nice chatting with u :-) Leave a message if u like, there's no beep, so u're gonna have to figure out when to speak on ur own lol...yeah lame i know :p

Yeah so check out my story and let me know what u think...do i capture the essence of the charcaters as u know them...do i capture ur attention...do i leave u wanted more...should i pursue writing real fiction (lol)...yep that's what i said lol

Ok bye!! :-)

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