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Kittens Kat PM
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I like weird and oddball things. PB and Mayo Reading anything and everything My cat Tigger who like the name implies acts just like the one from Winnie the Pooh

I have a few WARNINGS 1. If you do not like yaoi (men having relationships or sex) DO NOT READ MY STORIES OR FLAME ME FOR THEM

2. I will be writing mostly yaoi unless the urge smacks me up side the head

3. I enjoy what others write as much as I like writing so I hope those I review will do so to me in a positive way

My favorite animals are anything feline: cats, tigers, cougars, panthers...

Instead of one favorite color I have five - GOLD, SILVER, RUBY RED, SAPPHIRE BLUE AND EMERALD GREEN AND I absolutely adore anything that *SPARKLES*

I am happy to sit and watch clouds or nap under a tree as long as it is peaceful.

I am also happy to meet someone new.

I like trying new things (especially foods) like sushi, shark, octopus, alligator and squid (are to name a few)

Thank you for viewing my profile and I hope you have a pleasant day and life!!! :3

I have been having neurological problems for a long while now and it makes it extremely difficult to speak, spell and type (My hands and body shakes and I stutter very badly). I will do my best to get the updates out as soon as I can. Thank You!!!!

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