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(If you look at it sideways, it's a bunny...)

BEST DAY EVER:!!!!!!! January 3, 2013! Yesterday, I had sent a fan e-mail to Sarah from Animal Savvy, she owns Kuma the dog AKA, the dog who plays Stan on Dog With a Blog, and today, she responded!!!!!!! Her dog Kuma is one of Hollywood's top working animal actors. He knows over 60 tricks!! If you'd like to be as lucky as me, send Sarah a shoutout on , and go to the contact section!

I am a huge fan of the Disney Channel, and you can tell by my name, but please don't think I like DisneyXD, because that channel has weird stuff, and the only thing I like on that is Lab Rats, which I think should be on Disney Channel, really. (PS, for anyone who has seen Austin, Jessie, and Ally: All Star New Year, please talk to me!!! I loved it so much, it was the best crossover Disney has ever done!!! I'm like--obsessed {PPSS, [or however that goes...] please hit me up in the private messaging if you really like something I like, or something like that})

I am a 15 year old girl in Florida, but that's all I'm telling you about my name and area. Personality wise, I am told I am funny, nice, caring, and incredibly sexy. (You don't need to tell me twice!)

I've always wanted to be a writer, infact, in 1st grade I was writing chapter books, and already had the paragraph concept down pat. The only thing is that I was a great writer for my age, but then when I read them now, they're pretty stupid, and way too far out there to repair and turn into a book. And everytime I'd go to the mall, or the store, or the park, I'd get inspired to write another story, even though I wasn't finished with the first one yet, and that went on and on until my mom made me get rid of my 2-inch binder full of half-chapter stories.

So, the summer of 2012, a relative came over like she usually does, and she was on her phone all the time, which really annoyed me. So, I was like: "Why the heck are you always on your phone? It's really annoying me!!!"

"Sorry, I really like this story."

I had no idea she was reading on her phone, so I asked her what she was reading, and she explained to me the whole concept of FanFictions, and how they work, and stuff.

That was like an AHA moment for me, because I had always wanted to write stories about characters on shows and stuff, but they were owned by someone else. And here was a place where I could not only do just that, but then show it to other people and entertain them, and then read THEIRS, and then I could get writing tips and stuff!

And that is my life story...

Fun Facts about DisneyFingerzXD

Strengths: Writing, dancing, directing, acting, trombone

Weaknesses:Ugh: singing. I like to sing for fun, but if you get all up on me for singing a wrong note (and trust me, I know when I sing a wrong note because my band director trained me how to hear intonation and stuff, and wrong notes, and it's basically drilled in my brain), or not doing a vibrotto when there is one, or if I epically fail on a vibrotto, I will get SO mad.

Fave Foods: I love to eat!!! Pizza, icecream(NOT chocolate icecream, DISGUSTING!), pickles, any type of fruit, ham, fries, cake, cupcakes, pie, (I'll add more when I think of some)

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