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Welcome to my little corner. :)

There was a time when I wanted to be a writer. (Or an artist. Or an archaeologist. Or... many other things.) Unfortunately, life took me in a different direction, and I didn't really write again until a few years ago, when I became obsessed with the Mass Effect universe and its characters, and found this wonderful world of fanfiction.

I mainly write about femShep and Garrus, but I also have a few OC stories, as well as fics about Mordin, Thane and Sparatus. Most of my stories have romance, fluff, and humor in them, so if you like those, I hope you'll enjoy my stories as well.

I appreciate all the reviews, follows, and favorites and I answer each review with a PM.

You can also find me under the same name on AO3 (archiveofourown DOT org/users/Mordinette/works).

I'm also on tumblr (mordinette DOT tumblr DOT com), so if you don't have an account here, you can send me questions/messages there.

I've also put up a few of my ME pictures on deviantart (mordinette DOT deviantart DOT com)

Translations of some of my stories:

Russian translation of Field Training by Alicefox (thank you!) here: ficbook DOT net/readfic/3758626 French translation of A Night to Remember by Chapaf (thank you!) here: fanfiction DOT net/s/11156213/1/Une-nuit-dont-on-se-souviendra Russian translation of Anything for You by BaeutifulNightmare (thank you!) here: ficbook DOT net/readfic/6463965


Shepard by Tamy2323, for Serendipity (thank you!): mordinette DOT tumblr DOT com/post/69139378642/shepard-by-tamy2323-tamy-drew-this-for-my-story
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