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Noxtorious PM
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I do AU, fusion and crossover fics in my spare time and are open to requests. I love questions and shout outs.


Link to AO3: archiveofourown . com / noxtorious

Note: Chapter Updates and News will be announced on this profile as well. I'll try to remember to update it as soon as possible.

News (as of 6/20/21)


*Completed* Sherlock's Tiny Companion (Suggestions Needed)

Jewels and Gems (On Hiatus)

Various Masks (Discontinued)

Crossing Streams (Updates whenever)*Updated*

General (as of 6/20/21)

Crossing Streams is slow going and only gets updated when I can actually get inspiration to write it.

List Of Stories


Sherlock's Tiny Companion Puppy!John Animal AU

Jewels and Gems Parental!Lestrade/Mystrade Parentlock AU

Various Masks Persona/SMT/BBC Sherlock Fusion

Nesting Avengers Kid!Sam AU

Chapter Fics

Winding Sands Magical Realism AU(*Completed* Check Ao3 if you want side stories for this AU)

Crossing Streams Persona/HP Crossover Fic

Pictures and Other Things

http:///fs70/f/2012/293/6/7/sandman_john_by_snacktasticz-d5ife1d.jpg (John's Appearance in Winding Sands)

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