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IMPORTANT: Quick note before my possibly boring profile: If you are wanting to get a feel for my writing I would suggest reading some of my newer work (i.e. Pulling Him Closer, Once More, Emerald Eyes, Forever, or He Liked to Call Me Ginger). But you are welcome to read any of my stories you would like and all feedback is welcome and highly appreciated.

Note to readers!

I would like to thank everyone for reviewing my stories over these past few years, you have all helped me develop my writing (which I hope continues developing), so thanks and never hesitate to ask me to read your stories- I'd love to.

(7-24-07) WOW!!! No two ways about it, Deathly Hallows is my favorite book of the series! I hope everyone else loved it as much as I did :) Check out my 3 fav. quotes a little furthur down the page! hehe.

(7-15-07) Just thought I'd add a quick update-not that many look at my profile haha- to say thanks again for all the great reviews you've given me (as I most likely wont write any fanfiction after the 7th book). Anddd I saw the 5th movie, it was ok, but what was up w/ Sirius getting the AK curse before falling behind the veil? Definitely not like the book. But most looking forward to the 7th book...only a few more days!!! wooo.

(2-2-07) AHH..so July 21st huh?! Super excited! Well I finally posted another story..it's been ages..but I'm super glad I posted it, it's just a one shot called "Once More" I really like it though and I might consider a second chapter..not sure. But if you read it, thank you!

(4-1-06) I've just uploaded the last chapter of "Pulling Him Closer" and I'm really happy with it. Thanks for all of the wonderful reviews!

My Favorite Three Lines from all the HP books (which all happen to be from DH).

"Look...at...me..." he whispered. The green eyes found the black... (probably my favorite scene out of all the HP books..Snape wanted to see Lily's eyes..how heartbreaking. he turned out to be one heck of a character..one of my favorites now)

"Of course it is happening inside you head, Harry, but why on earth should that mean that it is not real?" (just an amazing line to finish off one of the best chapters in the book)

Running at Ron, she flung them around his neck and kissed him full on the mouth. Ron threw away the fangs and broomstick he was holding and responded with such enthusiasm that he lifted Hermione off her feet. (no words are needed here...except- I LOVE THEM! haha. JKR wrote their whole relationship perfectly throughout all the books.)

A Few Things about me:

My first story on this site isn't the best (it kinda makes me laugh)but I'll never delete it.

My favorite Harry Potter books are HBP and DH. (Other fav. books are "A Lesson Before Dying", "A Great and Terrible Beauty", and "Tess of the d'Urbervilles").

My Favorite TV shows are Gilmore Girls, Everwood, Greek, House, Seinfeld, Wildfire, and Falcon Beach.

Ron and Sirius are my two favorite HP characters. (Snape's one of my favorites now also!).

I love writing and reading- I'll read your stories, just ask me to!

I like all black and white movies (even though I'm young). also Jerry Maguire, The Departed, and Cinderella Man. But I'll watch just about anything.

JK Rowling, Sarah Dessen, and Stephanie Meyer are amazing writers.

Here are some great authors! also check out my fav's b/c there are other great authors and stories I probably forgot to put on here or there may be authors I want to recommend on here but do not yet have their permission to do so.

lyssa granger-shes a great writer. and such a nice person too! you'll love her fics.

gpotter- Read any story by her and I guarantee you will think it's amazing. Trust me.

paulalou, griffyndorheir16, Weasleygirl-ca, and Mrs.HarryPotter12.

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