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hi everybody, I'm been here for quite some time now, gotta say that some of the work people put out are simply amazing

I'll try to update as much as possible, with school and everything its kinda hard to find time to go on, so keep your eyes open. Story update rates are varied from days to months apart. Sorry for any inconvieniance

i am a Godzilla fan and some of my stories will be about Godzilla obviously. I also play League of Legends from time to time, so if you want to add me my user name is dwadwfr (though we'd probably never have any chance to play anyways, haha)

Currently my main focus is on One Piece: Monster of the Straw Hat Pirates. I will try to update my other stories more as well though.

One last thing: reviews! feel free to say whatever you like (no outright flaming though) in the review section. Try to include what you liked and what i could work on in later chapters/ stories

Gian's SBS and information (as of Chapter 4)

Age: 15 (chapter 1), 23 (Chapter 3 onward)

Affiliations: Punk Hazard (temporary, against his will), Riddo Pirates( temporary, against his will), Red Hair Pirates (temporary), Ibuki-Jinkawa team (former, temporary), Straw Hat Pirates

Birthday: November 6

Height: 195 cm (6'5'')

Favorite food, Barbecue ribs, fried rice, pretty much anything after he does a Full Transformation.

Least favorite food: Enokitake mushrooms, to the point where he'd much rather be exhausted after a Full Transformation than eat it to regain his strength.

Gian sleeps at 11 p.m to 4 a.m

Gian bathes 4 times a week

Specific flower: Rafflesia

Blood type: XF

Animal that represents him: Komodo Dragon

Smells like: Smoked bacon

Real life ethnicity: Japanese/Pacific Islander

In the family Gian would be the cool uncle

Gian would be a wrestling coach if he never became a pirate

Japanese VA: Tomokazu Sugita

English VA: Yuri Lowenthal*


When first introduced, Gian is a very thin, emaciated child. his black hair was shorter, and was more wild. During his time as a prisoner on Punk Hazard he wore a striped, torn shirt and pants with the numbers 54 printed on him. This was changed to a plain brown shirt when he was a servant on Riddo's ship, before changing to a green t-shirt and pants during his one week with the Red Hair Pirates.

As of Chapter 3, his appearance has been changed to that of a more muscular, tall man. He usually wears a black tank top, form fitted with aerodynamic nano-sized scales. He wore similar form fitting black shorts, which have become tight jeans as of entering the Grand Line. His hair is now straighter, and stylized to have 3 rows similar to the dorsal fins of his Kaiju-Zoan fruit, otherwise he keeps it straight.

During the Drum Island Arc he wore a grey colored winter coat, snow pants as well as a fur hat and snow googles.

During the Alabasta Arc he wore a white desert robe, similar to Lawrence of Arabia.

During the Skypiea Arc he wore an all black attire of a black trench coat, black jeans, black boots, black gloves as well as sunglasses.

During the Sunken Kingdom Arc he wore a black sleeveless vest and cargo pants.

Also for those of you wondering What Gian looks like, picture Jonathan Joestar with the descriptions I gave in Chapter 3. Gian as a 15 year old looks like a disheveled Takeru "T.K" Takeshi as he appeared in Digimon Adventures 02

For more Information on characters, check out One Piece: Monster's Log!

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