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Hello, and welcome.

I'm an aspiring writer who is trying to find her voice. I decided to try writing some fan fiction both for practice and for fun, and then seeing what people I've never met think about it. I highly encourage any constructive criticism you can give me for any story you choose to read, although I do not approve of flames. (Yes, there is a difference.)

Thank you for taking the time to visit my little corner of the internet...and for all of your future artistic and literary endeavors, I wish you nothing but the best. Because the world can never have too much beauty.

I have a sudden urge to tell everyone how my username came to be. I don't know why I feel that way, but it seems to be drawn from the same well as my urge to write, so I've decided to act on it.

There are two meanings behind my name. The first is that it references the name of my muse. My muse is my cat, Thumper. He's usually around when I'm writing--and also when I'm not--and he helps me by laying on the keyboard, yowling distractingly, leaving fur all over the screen, climbing on me like a jungle gym, and pretty much doing everything he can to distract me from writing and pay attention to him instead.

In other words, he's my baby, and I love him. So I decided to dedicate this account to him, in all of his longhaired, neutered glory.

The second meaning has to do with my personality away from the written word. I feel most comfortable expressing myself through writing, and outside of it I'm an introverted, shy and awkward person who never seems to say anything. Most people tell me that I'm the most quiet person they know. In fact, my presence is so faint that I was once accused of being able to teleport, since I have a tendency to accidentally sneak up on people and just "appear." (I was also once under suspicion of having heat vision and super strength, but that was a totally unrelated matter, and I assured those people that my only real superpower was being able to see the future.) So I guess that by naming myself after a loud noise, I'm hoping that I can catch some people's attention through my writing, and revealing my desire to be heard.

I'm also poking fun at myself. Just a little. After all, if you can't learn to laugh at your faults, then you'll wind up very sad.

And that, good people, is how my username came to be. Tada.

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