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Hello, people and animals of the world. I am in real life a simple man who is socially awkward and has an addiction to diet iced tea, but here you may refer to me as Dark Cryo, master of shadows and ice. Well, not really, though you have to admit that would be pretty damn cool.

I joined this site for two reasons: learn to write better, and find some good reading material since I've read every book I own a hundred times (and most of them weren't free). On an unrelated note, I'm an avid gamer, mostly on Xbox but sometimes on PlayStation.

But enough about me. You came here to see what kind of stories and entertainment I can hopefully provide, no?

Current Projects & Statuses:

Crysis: Fusion: Active. Crysis and Girls' Frontline crossover set 14 years after Crysis 3. Alcatraz, back from the dead, must learn to cope with what he's become and what might be lurking inside him. However, the rogue Tactical Dolls of Sangvis Ferri have other plans...

Semper Invicta: Indefinite hiatus. A Gears of War & Gate: Thus the JSDF Fought There crossover, taking place after the first game. On hold since I'm not satisfied with where the plot is currently going (plus I didn't like Gears 5 that much).

Restricted Access: Indefinite hiatus. Fallout 4 story detailing the shenanigans of Cait and a Sole Survivor who gives absolutely zero fucks. I'll try to get back to it after finishing another playthrough of the game, whenever that happens.

Both Total Drama Stories: Dead. I had it thought out from start to finish, but I've simply lost interest in continuing. Besides, it just don't live up to the standards I set for myself nowadays.

Well, that's about it. Please enjoy looking through my wares and try not to break anything. -Cryo

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