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Before you read, be aware that I'm German and so my English maybe isn't the best. I hope it will be enough for you to understand what I mean:)

I don't really know what to write about me, but I just start with the basics. I'm Melanie, 36, married. I live in Germany. My husband and I have one big dog and three cats. I work in a tax advisor office.

I loved books as soon as my mother took me to the library the first time. I was three then. As soon as I visited school my mother got me my own library card. So I love reading since I was six. I don't remember much of the children books I read, but when I was 9 I started reading Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes and I loved it. Some words were a bit difficult for me, but I soon figured out what they meant. To this day Sherlock Holmes is my alltime favorite. I didn't like the movie with Jude Law, but I love the new bbc tv show where Sherlock Holmes is a person in our time. And I admit that I like the G-man Jerry Cotton stories, even though they are trash...

My favorite tv shows are Royal Pains, Riptide, Simon&Simon, Rockford Files, The Listener, The Walking Dead, Criminal Minds and Wild Wild West (not the movie). The first story I ever wrote was one about the Wild Wild West and I think I was 12/13 at that time. Too bad I don't have it anymore, because one day my sister thought she had to clean our room and threw all my stories that I wrote away. Oh, I was mad. I have written a few more since then. But they still have to be reread and worked over and so on.

I'm just writing my very first Royal Pains story. So please be easy on me.

Thank you for taking the time to read.

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