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Umm... hi. Don't expect a whole bunch of info, I just... felt I should probably put something here. :3 I'm a 24 year old vet tech(as of April 2013) with too vivid of an imagination, so this is what I do. Sometimes. I should do this more.

Oh, nevermind. Hey, I'm Dante, and no that is not my real name, but it's what a lot of people call me. I LOOOOOOVE Mass Effect, and Harry Potter. I know more about ME than I do HP, which shames me a bit... ; But hey, everyone has their obsessions, and their hobbies. I'm always on the lookout for good stories, though obviously those two universes take tops. Any suggestions? Let me know! I'm open to just about anything.

Let's be a little most specific. I'm a Bioware believer, so I'll write for Bioware games, I'm a District Eight kid, so I'll write HG, and I love romance stories. And adventures. And tragedies. So I tend to write romance fics with some seriously sad memories/events, definite adventure romping, and sappy love scenes. I also tend to write femslash, because I think it's cute, I think more like a girl than a guy most days(apparently? I don't know, I have a friend who says I'm girlier than her. Calls me the girliest manly bloke she's met.), and because the characters I read, play, and watch tend to be women with chemistry off the charts with other women.

Ship Manifest: Joniss, FemShep/Tali, Shawson, Shepley, Shepnor, Isabella/FemHawke, Merrill/FemHawke, Elsanna, Carrie/Sue Snell

Current Projects:

Sirens of the Wood: Nearing completion(ish), what would have happened if Katniss had not only found true love, but fought for the rebellion knowingly? All for Johanna.

Technical Difficulties: Commander Shepard, interstellar hard-ass and sometimes Council thug, meets her match in the unlikeliest place: Tali'Zorah nar Rayya.

Glitch: Miranda Lawson has spent two years and five billion credits resurrecting Commander Victory Shepard from beyond the grave, but something went wrong. What happens when a soul knows who saved it? What happens when you find the person you love, and someone else got there first?

Future Projects:

These are voices in the wind, possible glimpses of world that might be, so go check out the poll and vote for what you want.

And Scene: Cressida Vinea is a second year film major at the Capitol Art Institute, and her mid-term project isn't even started. Desperate to find a subject, she wanders to a part of the campus that always helps her think and hears a haunting voice on the way. Who is the mysterious Mockingjay, and why does Cressida want to know more about her so much? (Evercress AU)

Light My Fire: Johanna Mason has always wanted to join the circus, but on the day that she finally does, she is almost set on fire by a careless fire eater. Ready to give them a piece of her mind, she turns only to be stunned by the dark temptress idly spinning a torch with a grin on her lips. (Joniss AU)

Shatter Me Beautiful: Cashmere Skylark is everything that everyone wants: beautiful, rich, intelligent, and worst of all she knows it. All her life she's never failed to get what she wants, so when she sees dark hair and stormy eyes, it's only natural that she gets to keep them. Their owner however, disagrees. (Slow burn Evermere AU)

Lap of Thrones: What do you do when a bubbly, loud-mouthed, crass woman is your biggest fan, and you're not even the one in front of the camera? Bigger question, what do you do when that same woman is also effortlessly beautiful and you just want to bend her over a desk? (Jocress AU, in England)

My Forest: Cashmere has always wanted Johanna Mason, who she met in high school shop class when she was dating some little brunette twit. Now it's time for their ten year high school reunion, and she just knows she'll see her there. Only problem is, Johanna is successful, and twice as intimidating now. (Jocash AU)

My Songbird They are in the middle of a war, but something about Katniss is so unbelievably entrancing when she's not even trying to be that it's all Cressida can do to keep her hands to herself. Why oh why does this girl have to be straight? (Evercress)

The Sacrifices I Made: After the Parade for the 74th Hunger Games, Cashmere just has to have Katniss Everdeen. Everything she does from that point on is for the Girl Who Was on Fire, and she makes sure she knows it. (Evermere)

The Cutting Room Floor: The war is over, everyone is free to do as they please, and that should be the end of it. Except that things are never that simple, and one late night Cressida receives a call from Annie to come take care of her drunken housemate so that she can take care of the last piece of her husband. (Jocress)

Some unnamed Jocash bit

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