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I should probably put something in here before people think I'm not a real person lol

Okay so I made this account ages ago just so I could review all the stories I enjoyed reading. Now I've gotten myself into a bnha rp forum and I'm really enjoying it. I may eventually start posting some of my little snippets of writing but I'm still not quite sure yet. For now I'll post stuff of my ocs from that universe on here: just their pages.

Name: Yozaki Torabiru

Nickname: Neko and Zaki

Villain Name: Bakeneko

Age: 26

Gender: male

Sexuality: Asexual

Personality: Sly and calculating, Yozaki likes to speak to others as if he knows something they don't. Most of the time he has absolutely no idea but he enjoys getting on others' nerves all the same. He can be considered as laid back or aloof, rarely getting mad and almost always seen with a grin or smirk on his face. As cliche as it is, Yozaki does drop the occasional cat pun, but only occasionally when he is feeling any intense emotion. Yozaki really just enjoys causing general havoc in the middle of the night, normally when its cloudy or under a new moon. He tends to appear from nowhere, his crimes ranging from petty theft to arson and even attempted murder. After having his fun or when heroes begin to show up, Yozaki disappears down alleys or inside parks. His quirk and clothing give him the advantage when it comes to running away.

Likes: Surprisingly, Yozaki likes dogs and even has one as a pet. Creating trouble in every and any way possible. He likes to collect nice rocks that he finds for the simple reason in that they just catch his attention.

Dislikes: How heroes that only work for money or fame are deemed heroes while he was considered a borderline criminal for trying to help others without a license.

Strengths: Cunning and extremely sneaky, Yozaki can make a quick get away and outwit most police officers as well as a good number of heroes. Clever enough to not fall for most baits or traps. Yozaki can handle his anger very well and even when infuriated, he can keep himself from lashing out in a way that will play him into his enemies hands.

Weaknesses: Though he can keep his anger under a tight lid, he does hold grudges and it is nearly impossible for him to forgive someone. He could be dying and still refuse help just because he dislikes the person. Very bitter towards heroes, Yozaki is a loose cannon that just barely works with others. There is always the small question of when he will turn on other villains as well just to have more fun.

Appearance: Yozaki is fairly tall, standing at 6'5' with a decently muscular build similar to Bakugo and Todoroki. His hair is short, black and typically slicked back; Yozaki has olive colored skin. His pale yellow eyes have a thin shape as if he always has them narrowed. He wears rounded rectangular glasses, the lense frames only cover the bottom halves and are red in color. He doesn't wear shoes, his mutation quirk gives his feet extra padding to protect them from the rough floor. The padding is very similar to the pads on a cat's paws; he also has black cat ears on the sides of his head instead of human ears along with a sleek black tail about four feet in length.

Standard Clothes: Yozaki likes to wear casual clothing like form fitting black jeans with a black long sleeved shirt and a black sweater vest on top. Most of his wardrobe consists of dark colors like blue, purple and black. Flannel shirts are something he wears on the rare days that he doesn't feel like leaving his home.

Costume: Yozaki wears a tight fitting black long-sleeved shirt with a red-gold armor vest on top and black and red cargo pants with extra padding on the sides and knees to protect against damage. He has red and gold armor wrapped around his tail that stops two inches from the tip and two inches from the base. He has similar armor placed on the back of his ears. He keeps smoke bombs, lock picks, handcuffs, razor blades, a taser and various other weapons in the pockets of his pants.

Weapons/Gadgets: Silver, red and gold gauntlets with steel claws, they fit his whole hands like gloves and have a steel plate extension that covers his forearm about an inch below his elbows. The gauntlets have metal plates on the tips of his fingers as well as a portion of his palm similar to the pads on a cat's paw. The plates can become heated or magnetic with the flip of a switch on the back of the gauntlets.

Who would they? Fall for: As wild and erratic as Yozaki can be, he prefers someone that is more down to earth and grounded. A level headed rock to help him relax and unwind after causing trouble. He likes knowledgeable types, those that prefer to fight their battles with common sense and quick wit over pure brute force. If they can keep up with his quips and playful taunting, all the better for him in his book.

Befriend: Extremely picky about those he chooses to spend more than ten minutes around, Yozaki only befriends a person after determining that they will not hold him back from having fun. He enjoys being around a person that really doesn't care what he does no matter how twisted it is. It's even better for him if that person likes to cause trouble as much as he does.

Hate: Heroes like Endeavor and MT. lady, people that only care for their reputation. Those that try to ruin his twisted games and the police force. Yozaki really can't stand a person that follows the way society works; a person that believes anything is illegal if the culprit doesn't possess the proper licenses even if they are doing the right thing.

Respect: Yozaki can respect those that don't turn a blind eye to the cruelty of the world. Those that don't try to sugar coat their words or actions. Someone like Stain would be the type of person Yozaki respects, he might have even admired the hero killer for a bit.

Rival: Yozaki doesn't believe in rivals as he has no competitive spirit at all. He sees life as a playground and he's just there to have fun. The only thing he is ever serious about is showing heroes how efficient and cunning he can be, what they ended up missing out on when they labeled him a criminal in his early days.

Hobbies/Skills: Yozaki likes to brand his victims with the heated plates on his gauntlets, leaving paw shaped burns on their body. Collecting nice rocks and precious jewels that he steals.

How they Act Towards Romantic Interests: A huge cuddler, Yozaki loves to initiate physical contact with those that he is in a relationship with. He doesn't go much farther than hugs, cuddles or laying on them. He also likes to bring gifts whenever he can; mainly jewels he steals or something specific that the other person enjoys. He can't cook to save his life but he still tries for them any way. Yozaki is a shameless flirt, showering his love interest with cringey pick up lines and embarrassing dirty talk.

Acquaintances: Yozaki likes to be off on his own most of the time so any acquaintances he has he rarely speaks to unless he's bored or stuck near them for some time. Anything he does say to them is normally carefully worded to get a reaction out of them and if he likes how they respond, he may hang around them more often.

Towards Friends/Close Friends: For those that manage to hold his attention long enough, Yozaki tries to get them to join him on his night time "games" of causing trouble in the cities. He drops the habit of trying to annoy them unless he's in a bad mood. Otherwise he just hangs around them, lounging about or snacking on something to pass the time.

Rivals: Since he doesn't see anyone as a rival, Yozaki treats them the same way he treats acquaintances, he only speaks to them when necessary and most of it is baited speech as he tries to annoy them for fun.

Towards Enemies: Yozaki is vicious with his enemies, nearly going out of his way to find any and every weakness on them and relentlessly exploiting them. He doesn't hesitate to end their life if he's given the chance but he tends to fail because he tries to drag it out, giving others a chance to come to the rescue.

Towards Iconic Figures: With no one other than Stain to admire, Yozaki doesn't see anyone else as iconic so there's no change in how he acts. Unless that iconic figure is a hero that others admire, then Yozaki makes it his mission to physically break them and show the public just how weak they can be under pressure.

Meeting Strangers: Most of the time when Yozaki meets a stranger it's someone he is getting ready to attack or rob but he still may say a random sentence with little to no meaning, normally a way to distract them or catch them off guard. If it's another villain or someone that happens to like trouble, then Yozaki is just friendly enough to introduce himself before taking off.

When Facing Fears: Yozaki doesn't have many fears but when facing any of them, he tends to get angry with himself for being afraid in the first place. He becomes reckless and nearly twice as more likely to make a horribly simple mistake. He more or less goes on autopilot with only two things in mind: fight off the fear or escape from it.

In a life changing situation: Yozaki considers every major event in his life as one that could change up his whole way of living. He takes everything in stride, regardless of how dangerous it can be to himself, he really just enjoys living in the moment. That's not to say that he doesn't fear death or things similar to it, it's more that he will try to go out with a bang- taking anyone else with him in the process.

History: Yozaki originally started out as a vigilante after being rejected from U.A, taking down criminals under the cover of darkness but that changed when he was caught. He was forced to spend a week in jail after ignoring multiple warnings from other heroes. He believed they were just bluffing, after all, he was helping them stop crime. He never understood how it could be considered illegal when he wasn't even severely hurting the perps. Nevertheless, after the week in prison, Yozaki began to hold a grudge against heroes and the whole society. He would still punish criminals, but as they continuously reprimanded him instead of thanking him for his help, he began to branch out damaging the surrounding area and any hero who tried to stop him. The final straw that pushed him completely over the edge was when he helped saved three other heroes from a villain tag team that had used hostages as bait. The heroes never thanked him for the help even though they nearly died and to make the whole matter worse, they treated him like he was part of the duo villain group. They believed his rescuing them had gone off entirely too smoothly, almost as if it were planned and they very nearly arrested him as well. He was able to escape from them but ever since then, Yozaki has despised heroes and all they stand for. He stopped playing vigilante and went full criminal, commiting any illegal act that could pop into his head and playing cat and mouse with the heroes or police force that may come after him. His favorite phrase is, "you don't need a license to have my brand of fun!"

Fighting Style: His fighting style really depends on who exactly he's fighting. Most of the time he goes for an ambush, sneaking up on his victims under the cover of darkness. Depending on his mood he'll either try to end them quickly or torment them until he's satisfied, using his strength to pin them down.

Habits: he likes to run his fingers through his hair when bored or thinking of ways to cause trouble. The first thing he does when he gets home every day is to dig through his rock and precious gem collection. It's not that he thinks anything has been stolen, it's more that he just really enjoys looking through them.

Family: Tanzaki Torabiru(father)- he's the one that Yozaki inherited the cat quirk from. He knows his son is a villain but has long since given up on trying to get him to stop. He also has no idea where to find him as Yozaki broke off from all contact years ago.

Mizumi Torabiru (mother)- Yozaki inherited his stretching quirk from her. She also tried to get Yozaki to quit his devious ways up until Stain came about. The whole situation with the hero killer helped her understand why Yozaki did what he did, even if it was way past the extreme level.

Residence: Thanks to all the trouble he likes to cause, Yozaki now has to live either on the run or on the low. He currently lives in a pretty run down neighborhood on the outskirts of the city. It's a small studio home with an even smaller bathroom and kitchen. He has a sofa bed, a small flat screen TV equipped with the most basic of cable and a laptop he stole a while back. It's not much but Yozaki is more than satisfied with it.

Musical Themes: Demi Lovato- sorry not sorry (no matter how many times I listen to this song, I always think of Yozaki)

Quotes: "I wanted to be a hero once...turns out being bad is a hella lot more fun!", "Why be a simple cat burglar when I can be a CAT-tastrophe??", "What's the matter? Cat got your tongue?" "In this crappy society it doesn't matter what you do, if you don't have the 'right documents' for it, you may as well be a villain- that's how this shitty world sees it!"

Quirk Name: Stretch cat

Type: mutation as well as transformation

Description: stretch cat is a two part quirk, the first being that he has cat-like features: a cat's tail, cat ears, whiskers, pupils that dilate and retract depending on sunlight, retractable claws on his hands and feet, and soft pads on his hands and feet as well (inherited from his father). The second part of his quirk is that he can stretch any of his limbs (arms, legs and tail)up to three feet from his body. The downside is that they don't give him extra strength, he has to work and build muscle on his body as well as increase his endurance (inherited from his mother) Overusing his quirk is similar to overusing any muscle: it causes pain, soreness, burning and he could even pull or tear something if he gets carried away. He displays some cat-like behaviors as well: purring, hissing, letting the odd meow or two slip past his lips and, of course, having better reflexes.

Strengths: Enhanced reflexes give Yozaki the upper hand in close combat fights, his reaction time is impeccable and he can easily dodge some dangerous blows. With the stretch ability, he can turn a close quarters fight into a long ranged one on his end. His ears and eyes also give him the upper hand at night with slightly better vision but not as perfect as a cat's while his ears raise his hearing level.

Weaknesses: His ears and whiskers are very sensitive to pain so he tends to fight in a way to protect them. A good hit to one of those areas will cause him to either flinch away or become stunned for a few crucial seconds. He's gone through mental and endurance training to fight this but there's still a good 50% chance that he will be caught off guard.

Main Skills:

Caudal whiplash: Yozaki lashes his target with his tail three times in succession. He attacks with his tail stretched taut to maximize the damage, the third strike having a 65% chance of drawing blood at the cost of causing pain to himself.

Branding paw: flips the switch to heat the metal plates on his gauntlets before going on a near reckless attack against his target. The metal plates can heat to a scorching 450 degrees but to keep from burning himself, Yozaki only keeps the heat on for twenty seconds, not including the heating and cooling down times. Takes a good ten seconds to fully heat and another ten to cool down.

Spider-cat escape tool: flips the switch to activate the magnetic force in his metal paw plates so he can scale most steel surfaces. The magnet itself is strong enough to support his weight so he doesn't lift his hands to climb, instead he slides his hands up in a shuffle motion. It saves him energy until he's ready to deactivate the force.

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