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Goodness, I hadn't updated this is so long I had to change now, just I case anyone happened to look here and think I was still 12! - Well, actually sometimes I still seem 12! Anyways, here's a little bio:
Real name: Becky

Age: 18

Location: Currently NJ, then off to London, and finally Hamilton College! I'm nervous...

Loves: Anime, above all else! Heh... X-Men: Evolution however, is currently my favorite fanfiction to read, particularly stories involving my favs Remy and Rogue. I also have been reading I little Gilmore Girls, which is completly new,but I like Lorelai and Luke! Java Junkie is a very cute term! Other interests include Harry Potter (almost time for "Order of the Phoenix", yea!), Lord of the Rings, Pride and Prejudic, Anne of Green Gables, X-Men movies, and dearly departed Buffy.

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