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Hello and welcome to my profile. There is not much to look at since I am not the best writer out there like the rest of you who are able to create wonderful stories for others enjoyment. I would like to tell you why I made an account:

1. It is so that I can keep tabs on my favorite stories and authors as I read. And I am telling you that there is a lot to keep track. The list I have now does not compare with the ones I have in my head. I just have to look for them. Lol.

2. It is so that I could write reviews for the stories that I have read. There are a lot of stories out there that I have read and would leave a comment about the work they created. I want to give them the confidence to continue writing because I really enjoy to read.

3. I have heard that some writers are dropping stories that have been on here for a while and some or most are stories I read and liked but could not find anymore. There have been notes on some chapters or profiles saying that it is due to Critics Unite or just people bashing on the story. I DO NOT APPROVE! That is not right. They should put good and bad comments on there. I want to be able to give good reviews to the stories I read and give encouragement to writers so they would not drop stories or quit putting them on.

4. Just to be able to enjoy stories to the fullest without worry. It is a good relaxer when you need it.

I hope this will encourage some writers to continue writing for I am not the only one that feels this way. I am only a Critic and will do my best to write a review that will be good for you to work on and hopefully encourage your imagination to work to the fullest. Some stories will take time for everyone has a life, but that is fine. I am a patient person and can wait until the next chapter or story goes up. It will just fuel my curiosity, interest, and excitement to know that you wrote it and I will be able to enjoy it. Thank you. Keep up the good work. You all deserve it.

The way I critique with stories is as follow:

1. If the story is complete then I will write an overall review at the end of the final chapter. I will try to put into as much detail of what I thought was really good throughout the story and what you did so well and add in some comment.

2. If the story is not complete but has a good amount of chapter then I will write a overall review of what I thought of the story until the last chapter I read. When I continue from where I left off as more chapters are added I will continually write a review for each chapter given. Considering when I get to reading it.

3 If the story is new and and is going to be multiple chapters later on then I will write a review about that one chapter and wait until the next chapter comes out and when it does then I write a review for that one and so forth when I get to it.

Overall I will write an overall review at the end of each chapter story I read or for every chapter I read when it is incomplete. (Maybe saying that was a little easier?)

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