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Just had a thought, for anyone who looks at my page thanks to looking at my favorite stories list...

What about a Ranma crossover story similar to the story of the (admittedly bad) Jet Li film "The One"? Ranma, of course, wouldn't be interested in killing the alternate versions of him he meets... but someone like Taro might. And so Ranma would have to get help from lots of alternate versions of himself.

I'd imagine keeping track of which Ranma is which would be tough... perhaps appending a number-suffix (Ranma-213, etc.) would help.

The various Ranmas would, of course, come from the various Fan-Fics here and in other places. What would the Ranma Chryssalid's "The Road to Cydonia" think of "Sailor Ranko"? Could some of the Ranmas even work with the others?

The longer they take to work together, the more powerful Taro gets... and Taro knows that killing Ranmas only helps those that remain, so he can't just slaughter his enemies.

Anyone want to take up this idea?

Another idea, after reading more Ranma/Sailor Moon crossovers.

I don't know if it's been done... but how about a crossover where the Senshi replace the roles of most of the girls in the Ranma story?

First, you replace Akane with Rei Hino (Mars). I'd first thought to use Usagi here, but she doesn't fit the role and Rei certainly does. It leaves us with no Kasumi or Nabiki as actual sisters, but still retains the dynamic between the fiances.

Next, to replace Shampoo I'd originally thought Makoto (Jupiter)... however, subsequent thoughts about the cast let me to Minako (Venus) instead. Minako as a generally boy-crazy Amazon (who still hates Mousse), chasing after Ranma really appeals. Plus, having her "secretly" be Sailor V (of course Cologne knows) in the beginning allows for the cat-related craziness to ramp up to 11. Having both Artemis as an advisor & a cat-curse of her own really messes up her chances with Ranma.

For Ukyo, I'd put Makoto. Makoto's martial skills & culinary skills, plus her orphan standing make her the most obvious for the role. Makoto is registered on her family rolls as a boy, with the stipulation that it will change if "he" can kill Genma & Ranma, or marry Ranma. This also allows for shippers who want to see Makoto & Ami together. :D

Speaking of Ami (Mercury)... having her take a Nabiki-esqe role. Just make Ami a bit less shy and a bit more cynical and she easily fits.

Usagi should remain Usagi. It should be interesting to see how Usagi as Sailor Moon deals with the much more extreme personalities of the other Senshi. Plus, early on she could be interested in Ranma... which sets up the rivalry with Rei.

Mamoru (Tuxedo Mask). I could see him in either a Kuno-type role or a Ryoga-type role. Either one adds a lot of depth & wackiness to the character.

Mousse & Kodachi don't get replacements... but Setsuna (Pluto) as Hinako the Chi Vampire gets me laughing just at the mental image... though Hotaru (Saturn) could also fill that role.

Not sure where to put Haruka (Uranus) & Michiru (Neptune)... a Martial Arts Motocross challenge maybe?

Another new idea...

Ranma/Princess Bride!

"Hello, my name is Hibiki Ryoga, you made my life hell, prepare to die!"

Start with Kasumi telling a bed-time story to an unidentified kid... the story of Akane & "the hentai boy". Akane calls him "hentai" instead of "farmboy" and Ranma says "whatever, tomboy" instead of "as you wish". Ranma leaves on a training journey and is reported as being "lost".

At first, I thought of Kuno replacing Prince Humperdink... but then I thought Prince Herb would work better, leaving Kuno to replace Count Rugen, the six-fingered man. This also puts Sasuke as the replacement for the albino hunchback assistant.

Ryoga obviously replaces Inigo Montoya (the line is just too perfect!)... not sure who replaces Fezzik, maybe Mousse? Vicssini is another tough one... though the use of poisons implies Kodachi.

Of course, The Dread Pirate Ranko is stuck as a girl most of the time...

Idea Number 4!

Note: Don't read Harry Potter Fan-fiction while listening to The Doors. :D Mildly inspired by the song "Spy in the House of Love".

So... just why is Hermionie "The Smartest Witch of her generation"?

While reading another story ('Harry Potter and the Children of Change' by T. E. Tanglebrooke. Sadly not updated since 2011) where Harry's adult mind goes back in time and merges with his younger self... said Harry invents a "secret organization" to explain his magical skills and cover for his activities.

But what if there was a group... not as powerful as that, or the one described in 'Gens Necne Incorruptus Capio Caries' by MadScientist14159. But an organization that knows Harry will need help. They can't grab Harry, because that will alert Dumbledor... they can't use someone in Magical Britain... what with all those under-age magic laws and the like.

So, they train a muggle-born witch... starting at around age 7, perhaps. She's a spy... a bodyguard... a confidante. She's the Smartest Witch in Hogwarts because she already knows all this stuff! She's got a trunk full of already-done "homework" every year she shows up, because she needs to keep an eye on Harry, after all...

Maybe not my greatest idea... but the best I could make of it would be snippets of her behind-the-scenes activities. :(

Story Idea Number 5!

Harry Potter and the Call of Cthulhu!

Written as true horror, or parody, or what?

Story Idea Number 6!

Harry Potter and the Lord of the Flies!

Why was Voldemort "laying low" for most of Harry's 5th year? He was working on another ritual, of course! Unfortunately, this ritual goes very, very wrong and all the adults (everyone "of age", i.e. 17 years old) in the Wizarding World suddenly vanish. Every magical "creature" (only the intelligent ones, Mermen, Centaurs, Giants, House Elves) vanishes as well, leaving the kids behind. It might take awhile before some kids realize that their younger siblings are all alone at home. The Prefects can only do so much and Draco doesn't have Daddy to use as a threat anymore.

For extra trouble... what if it's every adult in the British Isles that's vanished, and the isles are surrounded by some barrier that prevents outsiders from coming in (or just vanishes them if they're over 17!)?

What happens if one group of kids decides to find out what happens if they use an aging potion?

Yet another story idea...

ProfessorScrooge wrote a short drabble about Mary Poppins in response to Disney's news that the planned remake movie will be "darker" than the original.

This, in turn, led me to wonder if there were any Mary Poppins / Harry Potter crossovers... to which I found one (with, sadly, only one very short chapter). That story takes place at a point in the books I wouldn't expect, but which I could easily see working.

Just a thought here...

What is up with so many Harry Potter stories making the Potters (and the Blacks, and others) out to be (apparently) multi-billionaires with multiple homes around the world? Based on the economy described in the books, Magical England runs on the Gold Standard circa the 1200's at best. Despite the scene showing the Potter Family Vaults in Gringots, there's no indication that the Potters owned any other homes than the one they were living in when Voldemort attacked them. The Malfoys are described as very wealthy, but again there's no indication they own more homes than Malfoy Manor... barely a $2 million dollar home by 1990's standards. Edit: And let's not forget 12 Grimmauld Place, the "Ancestral Home of the Blacks"... a four-story walk-up in what became a financially distressed muggle neighborhood. Perhaps an indicator that Wizarding currency values did not keep pace with Muggle currency values.

Then there's the problem with Muggle-borns. If we assume that a Magical England Galleon is 1/2 an ounce of gold (it's probably more than that, given the size described), then that's still $650 US. This means that a Wand (7 Galleons) will cost the parents of the Muggle-born Witch or Wizard $4,550!

However, if we go by the Author's word, then a Galleon is worth 5 British Pounds (About $8.50 US). Of course, by current valuation, that means that a Galleon has 1/153 ounce of gold. :D Still, this is more in line with the idea that Magical England has never experienced Inflation... that a Wand costs 7 Galleons today, just like it did back in the days of the Founding of Hogwarts.

Of course, if that's true... then most Muggle-born parents who had to exchange Muggle currency to "Magical" currency should very quickly see a huge money-making scheme. Unless, there's some way that "Magical" currency can't be seen/used/spent/what-have-you in the Muggle world... something that's never mentioned in the books.

So... "Thousands of Galleons" is either worth Tens of Thousands of Dollars (according to the author), or it's worth Tens of Millions of Dollars (according to the current market value of gold).

BTW, I'm up for being a Beta-Reader. My talents lie primarily in spell-checking, grammar-checking and general word-use. I'm good at plots and story ideas, not so good at writing dialog. :D

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