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Heyoo! I'm Hanan, or Stitch, or Banana, or Loki. Depends on where you know me from.

I'm an introverted girl with far too many feelings in her head and not enough time on her hands that has decided to get out all her twisted fantasies out through the writing of fanfiction. Woo!

I am prone to so much favoritism it hurts, so to start a list of my favorite books, authors, etc. would keep us here for days.

Current ongoing stories:

Forgive and Forget - Pretty Little Liars - Jason DiLaurentis/OC

A Shot in the Dark - My Candy Love - Castiel/OC

Danse de la Rose - Phantom of the Opera (Movie) - Erik/OC

Visual guide for my characters

Adrianna Montgomery (Forgive and Forget): Lucy Hale (since she's Aria's twin and all)

Jacqueline Beckett (A Shot in the Dark): Marie Avgeropoulos (or just the avatar on the actual site)

Adrienne Louvier (Danse de la Rose): Astrid Berges-Frisbey

Though I haven't updated in longer than I care to admit, updates for most of my stories can be found at my fanfiction dedicated blog: Damaged-Fanfiction

My main tumblr page: Damaged-Mind

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