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Name: Ale (it's not pronounced like the beer)

Age: N/A

Gender: female.

Fun Fact: I'm an identical twin.

Hobbies: Mainly drawing, a little writing, and cooking...

Stories I'm and planning on writing. P.S; I do like yaoi, so I might write some(light fluff, mind you).

(Detective Conan) A Shrunken Life: Witnessing a murder she wasn't supposed to see, Kazuha finds herself hiding with Conan and Haibara. Investigating THEM with Conan, Kazuha is finding it harder to keep her identity a secret.

Status: In- progress. Being Rewritten

(Detective Conan) Cinnamon Challenge: What would happen if Conan convinced Hattori, Kaito, and Hakuba to do the cinnamon challenge. Would any of them be able to actually complete the challenge or not?

Status: Complete.

(Detective Conan)A Possessed Tantei: When Shinichi's body is taken over by some person, or thing who uses the advantages of Shinichi's body and does some harm to society. Will Shinichi be able to escape and regain his body back or will be doomed to have lost his body to some unknown creature wrecking evil all around? Would his family and friends see through the fake Shinichi and help the real Shinichi regain his body back?

Status: In- progress. Being Rewritten

(Detective Conan) Welcome to Brotherhood: Walking home to soon throw a party, Shinichi finds a child outside his home, asleep. He then takes the child inside to figure out that this child is indeed his younger brother. Shinichi takes on the role of an older brother. He finds it harder than he expected it to be. Especially when his younger brother has a dark secret.

Status: In-progress.

(Fable Haven) My Dead Sister: When Seth thinks about Kendra's death in the fourth book.

Status: Complete

(Hetalia) The Invincible American: America convinces England to play a video game with him and when England plays... A crack fic one-shot inspired by my twin sister. Rated T for England's mouth.

Status: Complete (I plan to rewrite this one soon).

(Kuroko no Basuke) A Marked Victim: A serial killer known as The Marker is prowling through the streets of Tokyo leaving no evidence behind. Though The Marker's latest victim survived to leave his friends up against The Marker. Will the victim's friends stop and catch The Marker? Or will The Marker succeed in getting away from his crimes?

Status: In-Progress.

Sorry, for my updates being slow. I'm going to school which is taking up all my time and I have been busy with my own life. Also, I have been forsaking my writing of these stories to continue to practice my art skills. I will be taking a hiatus for most of my stories, I've been focused on my studies and do not have enough time to write, but don't worry, I will try NOT to abandon any story I create. Though y'all should PM me and bug the crap out of me to write so I would actually write, I do need that.

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