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I love fanfiction. I use this account to review stories only. I try to give honest feedback. I believe this site is here so people can improve their writing skills. I always try to give constructive criticism when I review stories.

I'm sorry if I offend you. I'm not trying to bully I'm trying to give you the truth about your story so you can become a better writer. If you can't handle the truth, you probably shouldn't be writing on a platform that allows random reviews. Remember, the real world isn't going to sugar cote it so grow a backbone and learn to deal. LMAO

Does anyone else get tired of reading stories that never get finished? Or, a story that's marked complete just to find out it has been discontinued or there's a sequel that hasn't been completed? I know, I am. Maybe one day fanfiction will start removing stories that are never completed. Obviously, a message should go to the author to inform them of a possible deletion due to the lack of changes/completion (with a timeline).

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