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I've been away for a while, things have been difficult for me for the past few years and a lot has happened. I've had health issues, family issues, a whole lot of life that just took control. I woke up one morning and honestly thought I was going to die. Yeah, it has been pretty bad. But right now, I am trying to get my life back. I am by no means fully recovered, I don't think that is ever going to be possible, but I'm trying to get some part of my life back.

Thank you to everyone who has stuck by me and STILL reads my stories. It's been your reviews and PMs that have helped me to get through some of this.

My current main focus is my rather popular Doctor Who Story 'Jumping Through Time'. My other Doctor Who story, my Iron Man and my Merlin stories, well I haven't given up on them, I'm just lacking the inspiration for them at the moment I'm afraid.

Writing stories has been something I have been doing for longer than I can remember. Ever since I was a child I have been making up stories. I started writing fanfiction years ago for Doctor Who, but never thought of posting it anywhere for others to read. Until now. Sometimes I get carried away and write more than I should.

I have loved Doctor Who for years, and found the break between series 6(32) and 7(33) torture. That's why I started writing. I hope people enjoy it, it was fun for me to write, agony at time's when I had to write an episode I didn't particularly like very much.

I have so many unpublished stories now, there is no point even trying to list them all here. There are Doctor Who, Merlin, Iron Man, Avengers and a Thor story sitting on my computer, gathering digital dust. But I updated the list anyway. Oh, and I keep getting idea's for Sherlock stories as well, so keep your eyes peeled!

If you like the sound of any of my stories I have listed here (which include the amount of chapters written so far) I might be encouraged to start posting them. Just drop me a line or leave it as a review on one of my other stories.


List of Current Stories:

Doctor Who

The Summer Star: Doctor/OC. The Doctor had to take a detour before going back for Amy after sending away the Atraxi. He meets a young woman called Summer, who he is determined to take with him. Both of them are keeping secrets from each other, but who will be the first to know the truth? [On hold

Jumping Through Time: Doctor/OC. Karianne Conner was nothing special. She lived at home, went to university and loved Doctor Who. So what happened when one evening the Doctor appeared, along with a strange light? Was her reality really just a dream?[Irregular updates]


Fate and Magic: Arthur/OC. Arthur grew up with her, they were best friends. But now, there's something different. He can't help but think she is hiding something and he can't understand why she is so at ease with Merlin. [Irregular updates]

Time in Camelot: Arthur/OC. Her life in the 21st century was nothing interesting. She didn't have much, and it was the same thing every day. But when she wakes up and finds herself surrounded by Knights of Camelot, how will she react? [Irregular updates]

Iron Man

Forgive the Past, Accept the Future:When Tony Stark was younger, there was only one woman in his life. But she left him, leaving him to derail and send him on the path of destruction. His one love left with a secret, and many years later, he finally finds out. But can he forgive what happened, and accept what is to come? (Leading to IM1,2, Avengers and IM3). [On Hold]

List of Unnamed/Posted Stories:

Doctor Who

Lost and Found: Doctor/OC. When she was found, she might as well have been dead. But he took her in, helped her, looked after her. Alexana was now Lexie Harkness, and she was about to meet the Doctor. (29 Chapters written)

Bella Lloyd: Doctor/OC. The moment she saw them together, everything changed. The time lines shifted and the future changed. And so, she ran, praying he would never catch up with her. She thought she was safe, until she found herself stranded on Earth. (7 Chapters written)


Gayle: Arthur/OC. A young woman who has spent years running from one place to another finally stops when she is reunited with someone who thought she was dead. But where does she fit into the prophecies? And why does she never speak? (5 Chapters written)

Amanda: Merlin/OC. The young sister of a knight of Camelot arrives one day. The bright and happy girl that they once knew is now a dark and vengeful woman. What happened to her to make her that way? And is there anyone who can save her from the darkness? (3 Chapters written)

Iron Man

The Billionaire Playboy and the Genius: Tony/OC. She was lost, and confused. She had no idea who she was. She soon met Tony Stark, and began to rebuild her life. But when a stranger appears, she must work out if she is Amber Clark, or Amelia Thomas (Leading to IM1). (19 Chapters written)


The Dreamer: Tony/OC. She knew all about the Avengers, she had met most of them already. And yet she had been stuck in the same place for a decade. When the threat looms from Loki, will she help them like she has before? Or refuse like she has before? And who is she really? (10 Chapters written)

The Power of a Flower: Loki/OC. There was a time when her life was simple, normal and completely mundane. She missed that life. Being dragged into a world of superheroes and Gods was not what she had wanted, but the surprises didn't end there. There is more to her than meets the eye. (8 Chapters written)

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