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Hello all this site 'cause everyone here is really creative with their stories like I firmly believe most of these could get published or something, lml. But anyway i dont know what to write here so heres just some of my favorite shows:

-Victorious (Can NOT believe its ending )

-How To Rock

- Big Time Rush

-The Boondocks

-Legend of Korra

-Avatar: The Last Airbender


-Yu-Gi-Oh! (All of 'em)


-House Of Aunbis

-All the late '90s - early '00 cartoons

-Rugrats/All Grown Up

-Winx Club


-My Life as a Teenage Robot

- Martin Mystery

-As Told By Ginger

-Zoey 101

-Romeo Show

-Regular Show

-Adventure Time

-Powerpuff Girls

-Ben 10

-Grim Adventures of Billy Mandy

-Ed, Edd n' Eddy

-Samurai Jack

-Courage: The Cowardly Dog

-My Babysitter's Vampire


-Drake and Josh

-The Lying Game

-Secert Life

-Switched At Birth

-Twisted (its that new show on ABC Family)

-The Fosters


-Young Justice (WHY DID IT END!!!!)

-Sonny With A Chance

-Austin Ally

-Power Rangers

-Danny Phantom

-Kim Possible

-Static Shock

-Jackie Chan

-American Dragon Jake Long


-Proud Family

-Teen Titans

-Wild Thornberrys


-Time Warp Trio



-Dragon Tales

-Family Guy

-The Cleveland Show

Fairy Tail

Swords art online

Akame ga kill

Black Butler

Kill la kill




Attack on Titan


- The Mortal Instrument Series (Read every single one)

*City Of Bones

*City Of Ashes

*City Of Glasss

*City Of Fallen Angels

*City Of Lost Souls

- The Infernal Devices Trilogy

*Clockwork Angel

*Clockwork Prince

*Clockwork Princess

- The Lying Game Books

*The Lying Game

*Never Have I Ever

*Two Truths and a Lie

*Hide and Seek

*Cross My Heart, Hope To Die

-How to Rock

*How To Rock Braces and Glasses

*How To Rock Break-Ups And Make-Ups

-Monster High (ALL of em')

-The Lost Code

-The Dark Shore

-The Rising


The Calling

What I really can't believe is that Victorious, How to Rock is ending and they just started! Well Victorious been on since '10 but still, mad stuff still hasn't happed yet like Tori and Andre going out as well as Kacey and Zander, I mean come Nick I thought you knew better! And yes I want Tandre and Zacey to happend and say HELL NO to Bori and Zevie. Anyone with eyes can see Tandre, Zacey were ment 2b.

Plus I hate what's happening in Big Time Rush, if anyone saw the last episode where Kendell and Lucy kissed and think that shouldn't have happened then u know what i'm talkin' about - Kendell and Jo FOREVER!! I can't be the only one who feels the same people.

You know in Pokemon i dont know but i just cant get Misty and Ash, i mean them being together and with May I just see her with Drew and Dawn, well imma A PEARLSHIPPER,

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