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All Fairy Tail fanfiction are in haitus.


Gintama One Piece Fairy Tail Pretty Cure (best seasons are Futari wa series & Fresh) Digmon (Watched only season 1-4 and a dub fan) Card Capture Sakura (Watch the subs - the dub, like Sailor Moon, ruin the show) Haruhi Suzumiya (amazing dubs) Ouran Host Club (amazing dubs) (Read the manga) Ryukishi07 / Higurashi&Umineko or Higanbana or Rose Gun Days Clannad (VN only) Indie Horror games (IB/Witch's House/Mad Father/Misao) Corpse Party first four Silent Hill&Resident Evil games Metal Gear (1-4) Touhou & Fangames Dangan Ronpa 1(and manga)&2 (haven't read Zero or the manga yet) Kodome no Jikan DRAMAtical Murder Persona 1-4 / Devil Survivor Pokemon (anime till the end of Silver/Gold seasons) (Games 1-2/5-7) Animorphs Harry Potter Disgaea
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