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Male,19 years of age. I previously was alais29 here on fanfiction but i have taken to a demonic theme because of the games I play. Wether or not demons will apear in my writting is yet to be seen.

I love to play Ice hockey and run Cross Country. Swords, and knives I find interesting and fun to mess with.

I spend my spare time playing video games, watching Anime, and playing Magic the Gathering CCG. I also play Lord of the Rings CCG, pokemon CCG, and Yu-GI-OH CCG; i even know how to play the Harry Potter CCG.

I Got into fanfic writting because my brother, his best friend, and his best friend's uncle.(Who saddly passed away. May his soul rest in peace.) I find reading fan fiction a very addictive hobby that i will expliot to the fullest possible. These are what I consider the the top 10 Fan Fiction stories, starting with the best. (Note: I mostly read ranma 1/2 Fan Fiction):

1. Rune Soldier Ranma ...by Hung Nguyen

2. Alpha One...by Angel of the Flames

3. Ranma May Cry ...by Shai 'Halud

4. Asylum Partners ...by AyumiH

5. Of Cats, Men, & Women ...by Innortal

6. Chaos Moon R ...by Dragons Crossing

7. Ah! My System Bug...by Gekigengar3

8. Inheritage ...by Kyros Lencho

9. Saturn's Guardians ...by Fierkraag

10.Perspective ...by Rapancheese

10. Honor's Price ...by Jleonard

I know there are two number 10s but i had a tie.

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