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HAHAHA im a liar, sorry guys. so i just got back from being in the Philippines for a year and a half roughly with no to limited internet access. sorry. anyways,promise ive got some stuff, PROMISE. (ex. almost finished sorta sequel of Some things never changed) and im timelining the heck out of Behind this Mask because TBH i dont want to lose any of the things ive worked in there. but yeah. thats all for now!

Would love a Beta, seriously it would make my day.

I will never drop a story becuase I hate it when I love a story and its getting to the climax and then theres and authors note saying "I'm not going to continue this becuase of blah blah blah" Then I'm just crushed. I wouldn't do that to you guys. I will just take forever to post...

I am going to put a general disclaimer here as I know I will (and have) forget it in some chapters/stories. Here it is: I don't own the Movie/Book/etc. I just own the idea, and if I don't own the idea then I will purposefully mention that w/in the work.

Finally got an Ao3 account here , still figuring out the site

also DISCLAIMER: im crap at grammar, thats why im not studying english, so apologies in advance...

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