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If you're reading this you must be at a loose end.

Who am I? Female obviously.

Age? Never ask a woman that... unless you want a roundhouse kick to sensitive portions of your anatomy.

Occupation? Top Secret... i.e. dreadfully boring.

Pet Hate? Sentences in published works that aren't sentences. Published books that are at least 200 pages too long. (Please, I don't want a detailed description of an irrelevant character's nostril hairs. Get on with the story!) Gee, what are those editors and proof-readers paid for??!!

I'm a reader, not a writer but, hey, someone has to read all these awesome stories on fanfiction!

I admire those people who can write but don't, those who can't write, but write anyway and I really, really admire those who can write and do write!

This profile was created because I got sick of always leaving "guest" reviews. So, now if any author doesn't like my reviews they can - if they want- send me angry pms:) Hopefully they won't!

God Bless


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