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About Me:

I am:

A College Student: Meaning that I am busy and that my grades are my number one priority. They will come first.

G.R.I.T.S.: For all of you non country music fans out there, that means Girl Raised In The South. Though to be honest I really hate grits, they have a horrible texture. Oh, and if anyone ever asks what grits are made of the answer is corn.

Easily Distracted: Meaning if I don't update for awhile, that means I've either started working on another story (probably something I haven't posted yet), or working on one of my other hobbies.

A Leo.

A Slytherin on the Pottermore quiz, make of that what you will.

A person who took Japanese in high school: Meaning it drives me up the wall to read a fic where someone uses Nee-san (older sister) when they mean Nii-san (older brother).

A human being: Meaning there will be grammatical errors. No matter if it is beta-ed or not, no one is perfect.

My Hobbies are:

Skeet Shooting, Knitting, Writing, Reading, Listening to music, ANIME!, MANGA!, Tennis...

Favorite Anime:

Hunter X Hunter, Yu Yu Hakusho, Prince of Tennis, Naruto, Bleach, D-Gray Man, Full Metal Alchemist, Full Metal Panic, Hikaru no Go, Rurouni Kenshin, Death Note, One Piece, Darker Than Black, Ouran High School Host Club, Detective Conan, Bleach, Night Head Genesis, Black Blood Brothers...

Favorite Manga:

Skip Beat!, Kuroshitsuji, Tokyo Crazy Paradise, Yami no Matsuei, 1/2 Prince, Koisuru Boukun, Noblesse, Black Haze, U Don't Know Me, Totally Captivated, Princess Princess, Honto Yajuu, Pandora Hearts, Demian Syndrome...

Favorite Books:

Harry Potter, Persuasion, Emma, Pride and Prejudice, Dracula, Heidi, A Little Princess, The Secret Garden, The Cat Who Series, The Black Stallion Series, The Queen's Thief Series, The Wall and the Wing, Interview with the Vampire...

Favorite Characters:

Harry Potter, Regulus Black, Ciel Phantomhive, Fred and George Weasley, Tony Stark, Nara Shikamaru, Hyuuga Neji, Uchiha Itachi, Monkey D. Luffy, Squalo Superbi, Killua Zoldyck, Gon Freecss, Kurapika...

My Stories:

1.) Running Away: Making up his mind to leave Tokyo and Asami behind, Akihito heads to see an old family friend. Needless to say a problem arises upon arrival. Nothing too deep in the first chapter. Status: Abandoned. Up for adoption.

2.) What George Doesn't Want Known: Not Grafic. Mpreg. NOT GW/DM. DH compliant for the most part. What secrets could George Weasley be hiding that he doesn't want anyone to know; not even Fred? And why does Draco Malfoy, of all people, know them? What happens when George gets another secret, one that's harder to hide than the rest? Status: Undecided. I have had absolutely no inspiration for this fic in years, however, I am hesitant to deem it abandoned or offer it up for adoption. That's because there is a slight possibility that I might, might, continue it someday. So...Undecided it is.

3.) Another Time - Another World: Earls Potter and Phantomhive have been best friends for years, and these best friends celebrate good news by getting utterly drunk. They will make a drunken decision that will effect the future of their families forever, even if it does take over a decade for the Potter and Phantomhive heirs to learn of it. Lizzie will not be happy. And what has Dumbledore done? CP/HP you'll see. Status: Active.

4.) A Different Shade of Green: Teddy had learned many things during his life. Probably the most important was this: Never, ever make a bet with Uncle George, and never talk to anyone named Reborn while serving punishment for said bet - bad idea. Teddy is Verde. Pre- curse to begin with. Slash, kind of, and gender bent. Status: Active.

5.) To Live Again: Itachi may have died, but the universe isn't quite finished with him yet. A second chance is a precious thing after all. Slash is a possibility. Status: Active.

Note: I have no problem with anyone deriving ideas from my stories, but, please, if you do use one of my ideas message me about it, because I will want to read it. Oh, yeah and accredit me with the idea, please.

Reason for above note?: I generally write about what I like to read, so I don't mind if people use my ideas because that just means that there will be more out there that will peak my interest.

Please note that this does not mean for anyone to plagiarize my work, if you like my ideas you may incorporate some into your own work, please do not copy mine.

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