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08/08/13 - IMPORTANT News: Dear to all readers or profile viewers. I want to say that I might DIS-CONTINUE some or ALL STORIES of mine due to how much work I get in my social life. Getting a new house, moving to another country and being promoted to a highly recommended job has made my life more stressing and harder.

What I also wanted to say is that, I will be updating incredibly slow, sometimes I might update faster but it just all depends I guess. I'll like to thank all those people who I've talked and gotten to know, it's nice meeting ya. But to most of the other authors I know is Good Luck! :)

I'll like to thank... xyasminx2, Ms. Essential & Sheezus :)

Sheezus - You are a great and amazing person to meet, and cause of work we've become closer. Cause of you I've managed to imagine so much ideas and stories and hopefully everything will do good with your own. Thanks babes x

Ms. Essential - Well you, you've helped my life so much. Being best mates since high-school and after you helped me so much on my English and grammar skills and managed to improve so quickly! You don't need luck, your clever as it ;) but Thank you x

xyasminx2 - You was my inspiration babes, always encouraging me to update my stories more quicker, and you accepting my smuttiness in writing in some of my stories or one-shots. You was there for me almost at the beginning. Good luck hun with your own story and Thanks babes x

My Favourite Beyblading Characters!

1.Kai Hiwatari

2.Tala (or Yuri) Ivanov/Valkov

Prefer them both with a OC

My currently FAVOURITE story:

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