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Welcome to The Lair. Take a seat, relax, and browse through my utterly unimpressive collection of fics.

Name: Colm, or Plasma. Take your pick; I don't really care.

Age: 17

Height/Weight: I come in at 6'2" and 165 pounds.

Occupation: Student/Editor/Author

Nationality/Ethnicity: American and Scottish, and damn proud of neither.

Notes to Readers

I do not dig Yaoi in any way. I don't really care for Yuri either, so if you come here expecting to see homosexual relationships in my work, you'll be sorely disappointed. While I consider myself an LGBT supporter, I don't know how being a homosexual feels, and thus I don't think I will be able to portray that character well. Characters may or may not be slightly OOC, depending on the complexity of the character. While I can do simple archetypes easily, don't expect me to pull a Shinji Ikari or a Shirou Emiya anytime soon. I'm not an experienced writer, and I'm still learning how to portray characters. If you have complaints with anything I've written, feel free to PM me about it. If it's blatantly offensive, I'll do my best to correct it, but if you're going to criticize my work for the sole reason that it isn't your cup of tea, then please just don't read it. I take constructive criticism wherever it is given, so if I make an error or stray too far from a character's personality, speak up and I'll try to fix it. There are certain fandoms that I will absolutely not write, no matter how much people ask for a fic about it. There will be a list below this about series that I won't write for, so please read if you want to request something.

Fandoms I dislike

Hetalia The only reason I don't like Hetalia is because there are too many characters that don't get the proper development they need. Hetalia is a series that very much thrives on its fandom, and I personally believe that these series aren't worth the time to write for. Homestuck: I don't write Homestuck mostly because of its fandom. There are some good, decent people here or there, but the majority of Homestuck fans are, for lack of a better term, blithering idiots raving about "dualscar" and "Calibooty" (whatever those are). My Little Pony: My Little Pony... let's just say I had a very short term as a brony and an author on FIMFiction and leave it at that. It... It wasn't pretty. Harem Anime: I honestly know jack-shit about romance, so even if I did find these shows appealing, I wouldn't write about them. Besides, I think that most harem anime are overrated. Inuyasha: Again, another series that I dislike for the fandom. The anime was actually fairly good, with a surprisingly deep romance and some great character designs, but I would find myself swamped by other fics that don't meet my personal quality check if I posted an Inuyasha fic. Twilight: After the overwhelmingly bad reviews I've heard about Twilight, I'm afraid to even touch the book, much less read the entire series. I don't read books that involve abusive relationships unless it's a serious, in-depth look on abuse, and not just a forty-year-old single mom's idea of romance.

The Six Tenets of Being a Fanfiction Writer

  1. You will improve. No matter what, whether you're writing on a third grade level or a college thesis, you have room for improvement and you will improve. Find a few minutes a day to look up common mistakes made while writing or a novel that you believe is better than what you write, and learn from it. The beauties of writing come out in damn near everything, but the words that truly capture a reader's heart come from a well-written book.
  2. Always assume that your reviews are negative. This is a Stoic philosophy; that if you don't expect much in the way of your reviews, then you won't be disappointed. This is almost always true, and looking at a positive review, or even a critical one, from a Stoic point of view will make you much more enthusiastic about writing.
  3. Understand your source material. Many fanfiction writers, myself included, are guilty of taking only a cursory glance at the concepts and ideas displayed within the source material. To truly make your fic shine, you have to know your material inside out. Take the time to write a small mock-essay of your topic of choice, but make it about something debatable in your source material's canon.
  4. The Fandom isn't always right. This is especially true in the case of source material like Fate/Stay Night, where details are confusing and oftentimes contradictory, or in material like RWBY, where things just aren't explained. If you must, go with the popular fan theory unless your fic is all about looking at the consequences of an obscure headcanon. Fandoms, much like actual groups of people, can get overexcited and confused on certain subjects, and the readers rely on you, the writer, to keep things straight.
  5. Your style of writing is unique. How you write your fic makes it unique to you and only you. You may prefer action scenes over romance, and your fics will reflect that. You may prefer a slice-of-life story to an epic tale, and your fics will reflect that. This isn't to say that there aren't problems with the way you write. If your writing style is too disjointed and filled with unnecessary information, for example (I'm looking at you Mrs.InsaneOne), then people will lose interest halfway through and the only thing you've succeeded in is writing... something. Make sure that you take criticism well, but integrate it smoothly with your writing style, because nobody else writes like you.
  6. Plan Things Out. These three words are often overlooked by most writers on FanFiction.net because they have an idea that they absolutely have to get down. But then what? That one scene you imagined may not lead anywhere, and after a couple of chapters, you've abandoned a promising story because you don't know where to take it from there. Planning your story out only requires a sketch of your plot, a bit of detail about the main characters, a description of the conflicts and settings, and a bit of worldbuilding spaced evenly between and you have the outlines for a wonderful story.

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