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I'm someone who found this site by accident but was way glad. How glad? Like really glad, because this was just when I started getting to know the internet more and when I found this by trying to look for a certain book, game, or something, I just found a Fanfic story and pretty much that says the rest.

I mostly just read the stories I want.

List of Video Game Series I like

Halo, Mass effect, Dead space, Titanfall, Fallout, XCOM, Transformers (The Cybertron series), Crysis, F.E.A.R., Resident Evil, Tom Clancy's The Division, Call of Duty ( The ones I like anyway, which are the Sci-Fi ones and Modern Warfare Trilogy), Gears of War, Borderlands, Bioshock, Farcry, and some others

List of TV Series I Like

Falling Skies, The Last ship, The 100, Jericho, Last Resort, Babylon 5, Battlestar Galactica, Firefly,

Book series I like

Maximum Ride, Daniel X, Witch and Wizard, The Halo Expanded Universe Series, and some more by certain authors, like James Patterson or Dean Koontz.

1 Thing I Hate That Happen

A long time ago their was a Youtube Channel called machinima. I was game channel making game related things but I really liked was the Machinima, that stuff where people use video games to make movies and this channel had allot. Of course when they started getting less and less attention, which led to less subscribers and other stuff, they lost money and tried to delete videos they had and replace more original content but failed in the end and the channel is pretty much non-existent. What pissed me off they got rid of so many of their Machinima videos and kept the few that had lots of view but then in the end those were gone soon. Lot of those shows were great and it just pissed me off they would just delete them. And most of the people who made those videos didn't re-upload them or unlikely save them, which means likely I am never going to see the ones I like again.

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