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(Nov 2015)


Not sure if I can upload any stories (on a roll with all the fairy tail anime). But questions for me? (Legit questions--aka not-personal; not creepy etc; school stuff, fandom etc are okay!) PM me 'cos I'm bored hurhur.

Or Ask me on Tumblr (if you can find it hoho)

(Aug 2015)

I'm actually really happy to see the positive reviews from my latest DGM fics. Thanks for the support guys! I know I'm not the best writer and Kanda is really hard to write and I focus a lot on fluff, but I hope the last chapter of firsts will turn out well enough for my readers. I won't be uploading any time soon because I'm taking my national science practical examinations in a week and my school promotional exams are coming up before and after the September holidays so firsts. :D Thanks to all for your support. Without you all I probably wouldn't have done a second chapter. :)

(July 2015)

Okay, so some reader complained that I didn't leave a warning for my latest fic (Yullen) and I left the genre out (Romance) and okay, it's my fault for not writing a warning (dude, the romance wasn't a lot anyway. Not like there was anything particularly romantic, it was just a dance) and even if you really mind Yullen stories, please be polite (online community, you may be mostly anonymous but no, I don't care, be a little sensitive, leaving a remark "disgusting" because its Yullen can really be an insult and I would like to tell you, "if you start seeing the hints of Yullen you could have stop there. Seriously, don't like, don't read, its your choice to not read.)

Anyway I don't want to be here to rant because I know it's partially my fault for not leaving a warning or sorts (okay but I've added it already). I just wish people can be more well mannered. I write stories for people to read and I keep my language in check. I think everyone who contributed stories with good organisation and proper spelling deserves to at least be treated politely, because, hey, we write for you to read.

Anyway, personally I'm not homophobic, but I'm not homo, so okay, even if to some people homo stuff like Yullen pairing is horrible, ha, but I still think they're pretty cute. To me, as long as my stories are not obscene I'm okay with certain boyxboy pairings.

bye. Whee.

(July 2015)

Should I update my AR fics? They're kinda left hanging.

More love please.

(July 2015)

I don't think I'll write for AR fandom anymore, partially because I've lost all my documents. I've lost interest in the fandom already. Sorry!

School's taking a toll (SG education, anyone. Exams right after the June breaks ): ) but I still read fandoms. I don't write that often, that's all.

KHR and D. Gray Man are probably the fandoms I read more nowadays, even though I'm supposed to be studying. Yes. No. Nah. I don't want to study :( but then again. Maybe writing will improve my language skills. That is, if I write PROPERLY.

-Owl's Prayer.

(June 2014)

HII. I don't expect anyone to see my profile, since I haven't been updating my story it's probably buried somewhere. I know I haven't updated for a long time, BUT! I'll be back! This year! October-December! I promise! More action for Alex Rider!! :D yay!

I'll be off now, a lot to do!


(January 2014)

'sup guys, I'm back...for a little while.

Firstly, I'll like to apologise to my readers who read my Alex Rider fanfics and maybe, if you're lucky, my Shugo Chara fic that was taken down after a few hours.

I'm sorry that this time I'm not back to upload new chapters. I know I promised that I'll upload a sequel to Jigsaws by December 2013 (we don't want to keep Alex captived forever, do we?), but I'm afraid I had to break that promise... I guess I didn't love writing for real...after having an encounter with a writer's block, I gave up writing soon after. And furthermore, I fell in love with Shugo Chara fanfic (after re-watching the anime and reading Shugo Chara Encore). I haven't done a lot of writing or drawing, and I felt really you all, to myself. I devoted most of my time to my co-curricular activities in school. I don't have much of a commitment last year, especially not during the holidays. I continued reading a lot, practised martial arts (it's my co-curricular activity), and went out with friends a lot. Just one of those time I belonged to myself and not devoting time to stress out and think of new plot lines.

I thought things would get better somehow, and maybe I'll find the kind of motivation to just type a story—over the few weeks I've had encounters with a few lame, unoriginal plot bunnies, so I was kinda upset that my creativity is failing me. I hung around Instagram a lot, looking at magnificent pictures people drew. I explored Fanfiction, reading most of the completed stories in Shugo Chara that are rated K-T. And I guess I was a disappointment to myself—not using my time to better improve myself.

I'm using a little time to write this out, just hoping that people could take a little time to read this. It's not a fanfiction, it's not funny, but maybe just something I would like to say.

I don't have many supporters on fanfic anyway, I guess I'm not disappointing too many people (I hope).

I hope I can make a comeback soon...continue writing, drawing...I wasted my talent in art, sadly. I'm not born in America where probably most schools have AP art. That's a dream of mine since young—to be able to expand in the area of fine arts...but unfortunately I lost it somewhere. Maybe I'll be able to find it again, someday.

Right now, in 2014, I'm in a high school. To some people, high school is easy. it might be easy for you. But for me, it's enough of a struggle to make me feel like giving up, even if it's only the 2nd week of school. I know I have problem prioritising my stuff, so I'm sorry, I'm staying away from the commitment to writing. I know how it feels to read a story that isn't complete, and later find out the author probably isn't going to update for a few months or years.

I might come back, but I can't promise anything. I'll be happy to receive reviews or PMs still, although even if I say this, no one reads the profile, and I don't get any messages in the end. So just so you guys know, I'm still open for PMs.

I'll have to end of here. 2014 is just starting, and I'll have to survive till the end of the year. Life's not going to be easy on me for the next 3 years due to the academic-based studying I'm doing (no aesthetics at all, sometimes I hate my school)...I'll have myself to blame for taking Biology and Geography together. Talking about academics, I should really work harder on my Chinese...

I hope to be able to come back and write more stories for you guys (and in the meanwhile, I'll improve my writing skills as best as I can in school).

It's bye for now.

-OceanusBlue (I couldn't think of another pen name to change into )


Hi guys! I'm finally done with my exams! Not too sure about my results, hope I don't screw up too badly.

I will be back on fanfiction for a while, but currently I'm having a major life block (it can't be called a writer's block anymore).


Alex Rider:

Jigsaws--Temporary Hiatus (I think)


Square One--Hiatus

D Gray Man:

that hanging tree--COMPLETE

that final moment--COMPLETE


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