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Name: Ian

Age: 20

Sex: Male

Favorite Quote: There is a saying in the Buddhist Tradition, "You can explore the universe looking for someone more deserving of your love and effection that you are yourself, and you will not find that person anywhere."

Religion: ... do I really have to say anything?

Likes: honest people -doesn't matter if you make it a habit of lying, cheating, and/or stealing your way threw life as so long as your honest about doing it.

Dislikes: dishonest people -those who fool themselves as well as others in what they "believe" is right no matter how little actual proof they have.


"Riddle of the Moon" - is a Legend of Zelda fanfic, that exclusively follows the tale of one of the most under appreciated characters ever made and never been (in my opinion) correctly portrayed in many fanfics; the Dark Link. His is a tale of not only self-discovery, but also of individuality and sanity. After being "killed" by the Master Sword, Dark Link finds himself awakening into a world of twilight in a very different Lake Hylia. Now no more a mere shadow, the Dark Link finds himself torn between two worlds, one of light and the other of twilight -the same twilight that Gannondorf created him from. INCOMPLETE (currently under heavy revision)

"Onmyou" - is a Harry Potter fanfic I'm still developing. Its supposed to be based on a slightly alternate world, where by the time Voldemort gets his second coming, in his wake another faction shows itself to the wizarding world, actively fighting Voldemort... and attacking purebloods. A predominately muggleborn and halfblood cult of extremists who have about as much hate for purebloods as they do for them. Lead by a charismatic and POWERFUL young man who's hell bent on changing the world for the "greater good". Onmyou: is the way of Yin and Yang, an occult dinivation system based on the Taoist theory of the five elements.

"Aoi-Magus" - is a Ranma1/2, Negima & Love Hina, crossover fanfic. Its basically a what if story and probably won't ever be posted on here for the simple fact that most of its content would have to be omitted or I'd get my ass blacklisted. But if you really want to know... A Blue Magus is what you would call -if you had any respect- them, but most just call them Ero-Mages. This fic is basically just a self indulgent adult fic that I made up for the hell of it. Instead of falling into the spring of drowned girl, Ranma fell into the worst spring possible, or so the guide says. The spring of drowned Aoi-Magus, or rather, Blue Mage. (and before you ask, no they aren't ANYTHING like the ones from the Final Fantasy series)

"Saiyan Gods" - is a (if you can't guess) Dragonball Z fic, crossed with such video games as Warhammer 40K, StartCraft, Halo, and maybe a few others barely noticeable. Think of a universe that's been at war for over 10,000 years... and that's all I've got so far, it'll definitely change with time.

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