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“…For guys, sex is kinda like pizza. Even when it’s bad, it’s still pretty damn good. …For girls, sex is like air, it's only a big deal when you aren't getting any…”



I created this specifically for all Ichiruki fans who crave and have driven passion for fluff and lemons! I’m a known writer and have my own fan fiction page— however, who I really am, will be left a secret.

It’s like this…

…In an era when authors and critics alike continue to take on the responsibility of anime characters and construct brilliant fan fics, one writer was fatigued and boredly took on the identity of a completely customary, smut bystander. Haha…

Just know, someone has a very, very dirty mind and is in need of sharing it with you… and almost nobody knows who it is. Teehee!

P.S: Please, if under 18, I strongly suggest that you refrain yourself. Most of these stories/ fics, have sexual content not suited for kids and young teens. Fics are explicit and graphic. However to the fics that are RATED T are the fluffs, if you are interested, you can read those— Thanksies!

…PS.S: Rest assured, that someone’s goal is to make creative fics for you guys to enjoy and review. While you’re visiting, please— pull up a chair and sip some wine. (if over 21. Lol, we don’t sell to minors! Jk.) and, enjoy your stay at the Smut Inn.


Hey all! It's been a very long time. PHEW! I have updated a total for three stories tonight! I’m so freaking TIRED! It’s a little after 1 am here and I’m so going to bed! But before I do, just in case I haven’t told you guys, a lot has been happening. My sister was sick with pancreatitis for two weeks and had a heart attack to follow up after that. She’s only 15 -.- My mother has been out of work for a while because her leg has been too swollen to walk. However they are both better. My sister is fine and she will be having a cat scan of the heart in a few days. I got school too of course and loads of homework… but I will try to update and much as I can!

Tonight as I said, I’ve updated three stories and I’m so tired. I shouldn’t take a year or two to update again hopefully. I will try to put updates on my profile so when I’m gone, you guys won’t lose hope and think I’m not coming back. I won’t stop writing. I promise.

I thank you all for all the support and reviews I got even though I wasn’t updating! I was really amazed at how many people waited! I even got tons of new followers! Also, I not motivated by Reviews anymore. I just found that there wasn’t any point. Especially when I would get disappointed when I didn’t reach the quota I wanted. Then I wanted to quit and that was no fun! I think now I got my spice back and I’m hoping it stays for a long time! Love you all thanks for all the support! You make me blush. 9-2-14

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