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the third lion
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Three Lions Bakery: excellent series of cafes that denote in swirls of steam and pastries what it means to live in Portland, Oregon, my hometown, such as it is.
Who am I? I'm a part-Asian, part not, sixteen-year-old girl with an unrequited, soul-deep passion for music, literature, and the finer, smaller things in life, especially summer and sunlight. My favorite color oscillates between blue, black, and white; my favorite author is anyone who can come up with a meltingly brilliant turn of phrase. My style is characterized by abrupt, perceptive maturity and thoroughly indulgent childishness, a certain leniency in respect to grammar and the rules of engagement, and as much clean-worded elegance as I can manage well. I detest inefficiency and sheer stubborn stupidity, as well as unnecessarily bad writing, and am determined to finish reading Anna Karenina before I die. And if you can figure out what this makes me, then you're a wiser person than I. Expect more writing either within a few weeks or after the summer. No guarantees unless school and life are unexpectedly canceled.
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