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Konnichiwa! I'm Yuki. :)

I am more of a reader that an author and the main reason I registered was for being able to read and review other stories.

I like Asian culture and especially Chinese and Japanese. The clothing, the cuisine, everything. I love manga and anime. My current obsession is Bleach one of my all time favourite manga/anime.

Another manga I love is Tsuki no Shippo/Tail of the Moon. It's such a good manga, too bad there is no anime, that would make it more well known.

I also like many shoujo I have read (too many to remember) and yaoi as well.

I'm fan of Game of Thrones and A Song Of Ice And Fire, so winter is coming!

I consider myself a multi-shipper. I mean that I can read about various pairings, if it's a good story. However I don't like multi in the same story (i.e ''I'm-in-love-with-two'', ''don't-know-whom-to-choose''). It ruins the romance for me. Rivalry, yes. Jealousy, sure! It's the misunderstandings of love, after all. But I'm not into serious love triangles. (I don't mean to offend anyone's work or preference, just my opinion). :)


Favourite characters:

Kuchiki Byakuya: He's my all time favourite character, my bleach crush! I liked him from the very first time. He is the cold-type persona that is common in manga, yet he is not stereotypical. I think he has too much weight in his shoulders and that effected his personality. What happened to the lively teenager he was? I sympathize with him. He's cold and strict, but he surely is capable of doing things for love (for one thing he married someone from Rukongai, when he is all about status) and he improves his behaviour throughout the manga. *manga spoiler* I was torn when I thought he was dead, not Byakushi... but Kubo-sensei wants him alive!! yeah!!! :)

Abarai Renji: I cannot help but admire Renji's strength and continuous efforts of achieving his goals. I may not completely agree with his goal (one is supposed to get better for themselves, not for another person), but nevertheless he started as a orphan in Rukongai and yet he entered Academy, was one of the top students, become vice-captain. I feel for him and his love for Rukia. If only he had kept in touch all these years... he would have saved them both much sorrow.

Urahara Kisuke: What can I say about a humble shop owner? Well, that he is awesome! So awesome that his name should be written next to this word, awesome! I will never get tired of him or cease being eager to learn more about his past. SS has treated him badly, same as the Vizards.

Shihoin Yoruichi: ...And the lucky girl who has said shop owner! Or is it the other way round? Nevermind, Yoruichi is awesome as well. She's a strong, independent woman, totally badass. She has a great sense of humour and is not at all snob, despite her origins. She is the most attractive woman in Bleach. Talking about sex appeal... And I'm a girl! I can understand every single man reading bleach who likes her!

Hitsugaya Toshirou: Aww, I love our little taicho! Toshirou could also be a protagonist in his own manga, he's hero material. He is undoubtedly something, being a captain at such a young age! And I love his Hyorinmaru.

Matsumoto Rangiku: Rangiku has a cheerful personality, the kind everyone would like to have as a friend. She had a tough life and the whole Aizen thing was personal to her, for Gin. Yet she stood her ground and stayed strong until the end. She loved Gin, but she knew he was at fault so she turned her blade towards him. And if it takes courage to fight an enemy, it takes more courage to fight a friend. Of course she wanted to save him, if she could, and she cried for him. I admire her for her attitude in this incident. She even comforted Kira, who was grieving for his captain! When Gin was a biggest loss to her. I can't help but compare her brave attitude to the pretty pathetic of Hinamori.

Kuchiki Rukia: When I first read Bleach (in Karakura, before the actual SS arc) I was indifferent to Rukia, mostly because I did not understand her. However after SS arc, I saw her under a new light. She is by far the most complex character in Bleach. She has her downfall when she gives up hope (SS arc) and her highlights (HM arc).


ByaRuki: I love, love, love this one. It's kind of my OTP. It's not weird, because although Rukia is adopted in the family, it's not like they have grown up together, so I'm perfectly fine with it. Actually Rukia is exactly what Byakuya needs in his life to be happier. A strong, independent, mature girl.

ByaRenji: The yaoi fangirl in me loves them together. They have interaction and of course they are pure hotness!

UraharaYoruichi: Yeah, I love their story. She risked everything to save him and followed him to the real world, not caring about her position as a captain or a noble. How romantic!

Ulquihime: Because I love a Stockholm Syndrome romance and Ulquiorra may be the dark horse, but he definitely made the difference for me. It's my favourite Orihime pairing.

GinRangiku: I shed tears for them :(

RenRuki: My second option for Rukia. I love their story throughout the years.

IchiRuki: The most popular pairing in Bleach. I think it's ok, but nothing special. It's only a third option for me and the real reason I ship it, is because it's so canon. If not for that, I would be indifferent. It's just that the whole boy-meets-a-girl shounen theme is uninteresting to me. Nevertheless, a good story is a good story and nothing can stop be from reading an IchiRuki one. ;)

HitsuHina: Sorry to fans out there, but that's a pairing I dislike. I don't like Hinamori all that much and I like her less with Toshiro.

ByaHisa: The problem here is that I don't like Hisana herself, at all. To me she was a selfish creature. We don't know much about her but we have two facts that make her selfish. Firstly, she abandoned Rukia to save herself. I know she regretted that later, but still, what kind of person abandons her own sister like that? As an older sister myself, I think it's unforgivable. Secondly, before she died she told Byakuya that she was sorry she never returned his feelings. If she didn't love him why did she marry him in the first place? The answer is obvious, Byakuya saved her from poverty and offered her a comfortable life. That's a pretty bad reason to marry someone, isn't it? Anyway, both Byakuya and Rukia deserved better.

IkkakuYumichika: That's a true yaoi! I think it's obvious in canon that there is something between those two. :)

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