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I'm sorry to announce that, due to FanFiction.Net's recent policy changes, I have decided to remove all my fics--Power Rangers, Digimon, and Gundam Wing--from the site. Although the decision to remove all NC-17 stories from FanFiction.Net did not affect any of the fics I had posted, it did affect many of the authors I have met and admired online. Both in support of them, and because I would like to have all my fics on my own site and not have to depend on FanFiction.Net to host all my stories, I have removed my fics. If anyone desires to find anything that has been posted here, as well as many fics and fic parts--mostly Digimon, Gundam Wing, and M*A*S*H--that were not posted, please follow the above link to my site, AuthorSpace. While the site is not completely finished, I am working on it very nearly 'round the clock, and all my fics will be up--though the colors will still need some work, as I am posting everything in black and white just so I can get it up and running--and ready for reading.

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