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Hi everybody! I'm Kohaku Naomi. You all can call me Koha or Naomi. Oh, first of all. WELCOME TO MY PAGE EVERYONE! Let me tell you all something, at first I really dislike writing stories even though there some stories popping inside my head, but I don't care about it first. I'am an Otaku just like the other people. The things that I

really like to do in my life are drawing anime, making comics, writing stories, playing with my friends and making new friends!!! You all are very welcome to my page! I think I'm making a few stories in fanfiction, but I'll try my best to make many stories for all readers!!! Anyhow, Welcome to my page everyone! :D

Info about me

Pen Name: Kohaku Naomi

Nickname: Koha, Nao or Naomi

Age: Guess :)

Appearance: I have short, black hair that reaches my shoulders (I like short hair. Its make me feel a lot easier to do my jobs)black eyes and I'm wearing black spectacles with white lines at the both side.

Favorite color: Yellow and ocean blue

Things I like: Drawing, reading comic, soccer, watermelon juice and hang out with my best friends

Dislikes: Pervert, popular students, bullies, cheaters, block users, liars and those who thinks girls can't do anything or weak

Joined Club: Soft ball

Personality: likes to advice people, sometimes I can be very strict to everyone, easily snapped if someone picks a fight with me or my friends, ignores the popular students(which make me want to hurl seeing them), sometimes I can be a gentle person

Best friends: Celine(but she isn't in the same school with me) and Amirul (older than me, he is 15 years old)

If you want to know more about my bio, just PM me and I'll reply later. n_n

Favorite boy in anime series

Gouenji Shuuya (Inazuma Eleven), Samejima Gabu, Shido Kyoichi(Idaten Jump!) and Miwa Taishi (Cardfight!! Vanguard) 0////0

Character that I would hang out on summer:

Tsunami-senpai and Gouenji-kun.

Character that I want to study with:

Maybe Kidou,Gouenji-kun or Hiroto-san

Character that I will always hang out:

Gouenji-kun, Endou, Tsunami-senpai, Hiroto or Fudou

That's all! If you want to know more, PM me! n_n

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