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hi I am a wonderful crazy person you will ever meet and I love to create stories and I have a huge imagination that want to be seen in the world and enjoy my fantasy. I really hope one day to become a writer and hope my stories will be ever popular to be a movie or TV show. I hope you enjoy my stories and I hope we get to talke :D

Millie Perini (AKA Draco)

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Name: Millie

Age: 21

Gender: Female

Eye color: blue

Hair color: Brown

Skin Color: White

Birthday: October 2nd 1997

Cultures: American, Native American, French Canadian, Italian, and Irish

Zodaic: Libra

Chinease Zodiac: Ox

Elament: Air

Native American Totem: Raven

Celtic Zodiac: Ivy/Fairy

Favorite Movies: Dragonheart (1996), Disney Dinosaurs (2001), Rango (2011),and The Hobbit Trilolgy(2012, 2013, 2014)

Favorite TV shows: Tales of Arcadia, Gargoyles, TMNT, Merlin, BBC Sherlock, Game of Thrones, Gotham, Young Justice,

Favorite Books: Dragon Rider, Temeraire series, E.D Baker frog princess series, And Bone Graphic Novels.

Likes: Dragons (fanstasy creatures), watching movies, reading, writing, singing, RP, Acting, Drawing, making crossovers, Demons, and other things you''ll know about me .

Dislikes: you will know about me.


A Little Faith And a Little Trust

Gargoyles Fanfic Rated T

Audrey Xanatos has came back from summer Vacation from her mom's place, now she is heading back to New York City to be back with her father, When she comes home, she is unexpected to meet a huge surprise, full of adventure, action, faith, and trust. {Brooklyn X OC } -WIP-

Intro Song: Lost Girls By Linsdey Stirling

Ending/Theme: All The King's Men By The Rigs

My Warrior

Tales of Arcadia Fanfic rated T

He was new to the whole Trollhunter world, and she is knew with the whole being human thing. Jim and Aja's destiny collide and they have to work together to stop both their enemies. Jim x Aja Fanfiction with AU Elements.

Intro song: A Million Dreams by P!nk

Ending/Theme: Lovely by Billie Eilish ft.Khalid

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