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!Important: If you once favourited or followed one of my stories please check if you still do. Because of a problem my stories had been deleted and I had to restore them.

Please look so you don't miss updates! (Even the completed stories could be updated)!

Ok, I finally decided to do this page

What shall I write? - No clue

I always try to update my stories weekly and reviews are always hoped for

You also find me at tumblr: pellaeonthewingedlion . tumblr . com (remove spaces) You will find updates or better status reports on my writing there and other stuff

I can see how much people read a chapter and I always ask: "Whyyyy? No review? Didn't they like it?"

Please pet my ego, it helps my muse

By the way, never take my PMs to seriously, mostly I am joking

(even if mostly the people don't notice)

Oh yes, I like it when characters I don't like, because I found them individually repulsive suffer. Am I a bad person?

I know my english isn't good. I make mistakes, yes, but english isn't my first language and I put the extra effort im my stories to share them with more people. Please acknowledge that, by the way, all of this is free so...

If you find a mistake, point it out, I will fix it (eventually), but please don't be a Grammar Nazi.

If you are one and if you are a native english speaker, then you must formulate your criticism in perfekt german, so I know you are qualified to criticise me. If you don't know how it is to write a story in a different language than you shoudn't be over criticising. (Otherwise I won't take the criticism serious)

I am thankfull for any, polite, constructive criticism. Do it, please

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