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Greetings, and welcome to my profile! I am SpectralNutmeg. I live in the Pacific Northwest, I work in a library, and I read far too many books for my own good.

I discovered this site one black day many years ago when I was bored out of my mind and waiting for the next season of Merlin to air. And what did I find but a wealth of material to keep me going! Not only did I get my Merlin fix, but I discovered the wonderful and varied world that is fanfiction. So thank you to all of you authors who got me hooked. You guys are an inspiration - literally!

I love creating stories in my head, and I'm always looking to improve when it comes to sharing my creations. Sure they always seem perfectly intelligible to me, but do they make sense outside the dubious logic that exists in my brain?

I also love to write, but I have an unfortunate lack of skill in creating plots. I love my characters and I have great ideas about defining moments and scenes, but I when it comes to moving them from one place to another or placing them in a larger story, I tend to get a little lost. So if you're reading a story of mine and notice that I seem to have stalled, please don't be shy about suggesting things if you're feeling inspired. I love to beat my stories to death with plot sticks.

So please read and review if you are so inclined. Or just read. Or whatever. But above all, please enjoy!

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