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This is irritating. Hi there! You may know me. I'm really OriginalCaskett, but once again, I've gone and forgotten my login. So. This is my new account. I am hoping this doesn't casue any problems. So quick info for new comers.

I'm a twenty-three year old Californian writer. Writing is a way for me to keep calm, and I love it. I read more than anyhing. I am a fandom whore, and have an OTP for pretty much everything. I love to roleplay, so if you read a story with a name you don't know, it is most likely one of my rps. Hmmm... My latest addiction is Castle and Firefly, hence my name being both NevermoreBeckett and OriginalCaskett. I'm that Harry Potter freak that will ship Wolfstar till I drop dead, and I think Bella belongs alone. My stories are not the kind you can predict, since I'm a bit scattered. I do write about things like suicide, depression, self harm, gay sex, abuse.. So on. I put warnings in my info sections, so be sure to read those before you open a story. I SUCK at spelling, so Beta readers are welcome. I pretty much worship MaybeWolf and ZenNoMai, for making me a Rade shipper, and I hope to post some of my own Rade stories soon. What else, what else... Um.. Oh! I'm open to collab on fics, I think it's a great learning tool and way to make new friends, so if you like my work and want to go in on one together, send me a pm. I am all for constructive comments, but be warned I love my ban button when people spam me with pointlessly rude crap about me misspelling a word or two by one letter or something. Can't think of anything else right now. I update this thing obsessively though, so keep checking back. I'm on Tumblr, and do take one shot quick fic prompts, so feel free to submit or leave an ask. PM me for the link.

That's all for now? Have a nice day. I'll post the link to my old account in a little while. Thanks for reading!



UPDATE!!!!!: I am moving all my work over to my AO3

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