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imo as a reader
i like an author that have their own style
usually their story is enjoyable and unpredictable
but sometime they hear suggestion to much and their story become sour
i hope you will keep your story keep at your original plot
don't mind about other author, they have their own style

you need to read review for your ff
and you decide which review that give you more idea
ignore any review that speak bad for no reason

if one of your reader pointing inconsistency in your story,
you will need to repair it. usually with hidden plot or flashback

if they are pointing about grammar mistake or typing error
tell them to help you to be beta reader or help find beta reader or shut up
(as a reader i really irritate to people that complain about grammar and typo)

if your story get low review or low hit do not lose heart
keep you good work and continue writing
i usually only read story that have 40k words or more

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