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Hi I am a 23 year old Swedish writer, I live in Stockholm with my two cats and now four kittens. I am the crazy cat-lady in this street and it's confirmed by almost everyone I know. I'm also a serious Harry Potter-fan and has been for almost ten years now. My favorite characters are Hermione, Bellatrix, Minerva, Narcissa, Lucius, Harry and Luna. I detest Ron/Hermione and also Albus/Minerva, simply because it's weird and doesn't work inside my head.

My biggest work is Panic, with 17 chapters, it's a BLHG fanfic and it's complete.

In progress:

A Maid's love - A story where the wealthiest wizards have muggle/muggleborns as maids, and Hermione is a maid, at the Malfoy household. One day Bellatrix decideds to visit, after having not spoken to Narcissa for a long period. Bellatrix/Hermione, Hermione/Narcissa.
It has 5 chapters so far and I'm half finished with chapter 6.


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