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I deleted each story of mine from here; I've currently got fanfics at ArchiveOfOurOwn by this same username, but I'll most likely be deleting those too.

Sorry for all the mistakes I made during my time on; over the years, I didn't pay attention to the media I was consuming (which means all sorts of awful stuff flew over my head & so I didn't point things out when Authors wrote something that seriously shouldn't be encouraged) an' twice I wrote a Review without thinking things through which resulted in hurting people's feelings. If I could delete all Reviews that I have ever made & start over fresh, I would. But all I can do is apologise. Sorry for making the mistakes I've made!!

Won't be on this website anymore, at least not for a while; I might return someday later in this year (2020) or during a different year. Probably will stop reading & writing at ArchiveOfOurOwn too at some point. Everything I write is absolutely rubbish. Goodbye, an' thank you to everyone who has been nice to me on!!

I'm no good both as a person & as an Author.

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