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Okay. I've had about enough of you fucking idiots. I care not that the persons to who this message is meant for won't read it. Kyuubi16, I'm looking at you, you fucktard.

Then and Than. That is it. I'm having a fucking problem with you idiots (AhemKyuubi16) and NOT KNOWING THE DIFFERENCE. He has blocked me from posting any reviews to any of his stories. Blocked me from posting any PM's. How the fuck are we supposed to get him to do BETTER if we can not tell him that he's making crap? He has a problem with Honest to God reviewers giving him bad Critique for shit he could fucking fix.

It's critique for a reason, you fucktard. We call you out on the crap errors you could avoid, but you FUCKING BLOCK US. I'm not going to follow any of your stories any more, thank you very much. You are just too childish and juvenile.


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