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I love to read fantasy and anime mostly. Specially Harry Potter, LOTR and other similar stuff. I also enjoy almost any category except male slash (NOT THAT THEIR IS AN, YTHING WRONG WITH PEOPLE WHO DO) its just not my cup o' tea in fact i wish would make put it under a listing so people can block or specifically search for it, their is just a lot.

Anyways, i really really try not to flame writers, if i dont like it i stop reading With the exception of great stories but absolutley horrible endings. Oh . How i hate writers who do that and say "i know people wont like this" or "i will leave the ending up to you and your imagination" like seriously WTf am i reading for if i have to make up shit on my own. At least make an alternate ending, bejeezus! And what pisses me off is that i waste all that time reading just for the last x amount of chapters to absolutely SUCKS.

also i find it wierd how writers on FANFICTIONS seem to write that they own characters and plot lines and such, when at the beginning of evry story they write it all belongs to JKR? Look everyone on this site is taking HARRY POTTER WORLD and mixing things up regardless of what we think up it all belongs to JK. I see writers getting mad cuz someone wrote something similar??.? Pshhh piss off! If JK or any original author was just as bitchy as fanfic writers we wouldn't have fanfics. Now im not talking bout all writers just a few A holes who think they could claim something.. It is equivalent to playing SIMS the game and building a square 2 bedroom house and saying i own the 2 bedroom house idea, anyone must ask for permission to use a 2 bedroom house from me...uh F you it belongs to the Sims...i mean i doubt every writer of Fanfiction has gone to the original authors and asked permission to use their stories. NO? EXACTLY!!

also if you are a writer please for the love of all that is holy finish your story or at least an outline of your idea. Unfinished good stories are a sin and make little baby angels cry! Lol

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