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I post honest, balanced, critical reviews. If I think your story is in need of editing, I'll say so. If you do not like criticism, then why are you publishing on a public domain where reviews are encouraged (begged for most of the time)?

If you have a problem with my reviewing, PM me. I'd love to explain things further. I get quite a lot of fanmail, usually about my community.

Class of the Titans Fanfiction Awards 2013

Best Fic: Flutterings by Little Miss Illusional

Most Accurate Characterization: Series Three, Episode 1: The War Goes On

Most Original Storyline: Series Three, Episode 1: The War Goes On

Best Comedy/Parody: Heatwave by purplepeace

Best Drama/Romance: Flutterings by Little Miss Illusional

Best Slash/Crack: Wasn't That Broken to Begin by Anya-Paradox

Best Action/Adventure: Wall of Bricks by AngryOlympian

Best Original Character: Opal in Where I'm meant to be by UnderTheJackPine

Best Drabble Series: Drabbles by Humus and Peeta

Best New Author: UnderTheJackPine

Best Author: Little Miss Illusional

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